Hi there!

Hi there everyone…I’ve been away a while despite saying I’m sticking around

Have logged in to see what you’re all up to and to say there is NO other forum like this one! Treasure it, it’s truly fab and special.

Update from me (since MS was ruled out and ME was ruled in by Neurologist) is that Rheumatologists are ‘highly suspicious of a connective tissed disorder’ - I spent four days in hospital last week for pain relief and tests during which time I had a skin biopsy, specialist blood tests, chest x-ray, a spine MRI (because of thoracic pain and propriospinal myoclonus) and I still need a heart scan because I apparently have a heart murmur. So, it’s actually looking like Lupus now.

Results will be on 12th March so not too long to wait.

I miss you all! Will read a few posts but if I’ve missed any major gossip please let me know…

Deb xxx

HI Debs

Was wondering how you were doing, and here you are. Good to hear from you. :slight_smile: Glad they’ve been doing more tests etc but sorry to hear it could be Lupus. Take care of yourself.

Hazel x

Hello Deb, I was wondering how you were, kept looking for you but just assumed you were concentrating on some serious resting!! A lot as been happening to you hasn’t it? Just when you thought you had an answer, they now suspect Lupus. How do you feel? Hope you are okay, big hugs xx I got my diagnosis of MS on the 18th. Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on on the 12th. Sam xx

good to see you again deb. l’m still here in limbo land l dont say much but its always good to see the old veterans. Good luck. l was speaking withh mikep recently he’s still bright eyed and busshy tailed as ever. maybe we should open a post for oldiess. ! F. xx

I was just thinking the other day where all you guys had gone! Reunion party (- the happy birthday!)

xxxx sounds good xxxxx !

Hey reunion party - I love it! We did that amazing post which went on forever and then died a death - let’s reunite our stupidity and humour

Hey Sam - less about how I feel how do YOU feel??? Wow, you’ve been diagnosed, even when expected it must be a bit of a wham bam in your head. Are you coping ok? Are you going down the whole injection route? Thinking of you lovely.

I have to say, it’s soooo good to be back. This has cheered me up enormously!


Hi Deb, Good to see you - sorry you’ve been through the mill again! Hope you find out your dx soon and that you get suitable treatment! Teresa xx