1st sleepover duty done

Afternoon one and all!

Well last night my PA did her first sleep over. Hubby slept upstairs and we all had new comfy pillows to lay our weary heads on.

Chris (PA and sister) washed me, put me nightie on me and got me into bed. We watched all the soaps and nattered in between. We were a bit tired after a good day out in Halifax, shopping and lunching in an Indian restaurant. i asked for a very mild chicken curry. First we had onion too hot for me....................pekoras..............very nice.................salad and naan bread.

The very mild chicken curry was still a bit phew to me! I ordered something called something like matka for pud. A kulfi ice cream which was so hard, it could`ve done a worse job on the Titanic than the iceberg did!!!!

Anyway, back home and tucked up in bed, sis said I snore and mutter in my sleep. i said she broke wind loudly.

I got up at 2am for a widdle. Chris got back off to sleep and the van`s alarm went off! She investigated but found nothing to fret over. I heard nothing........back to my snoring and muttering.

PA no 2 came. Together the girls sorted me out for the day. Oh, they helped me try on a new cossie. Bev put my leg through the shoulder strap.....chuffin` `ell!

Hubby was oblivious to it all and slept in till 9am. Yep, a good set up this.

DPs anyone?

luv Polly xxx

Hi Poll,

So pleased that it went so well for you and your hubby, at least he's getting a nights sleep. Sounds as though you've now got it set up right for you. Am happy for you.

Janet x

Hi Janet, I`m happy that your happy for me!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, sounds like it went well, I think this is going to be a good set up for you and hubby. Well done on getting it sorted out.


This sounds like it’s going to work well Poll. Your day out in Halifax sounds good too.

Glad hubby gets to sleep in and relax for a while. The moaning about snoring etc appears to be very sisterly. It must help to have someone you are so close to, sleep over.

Long may it continue to work well,

Teresa xx


I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to me. You post about things that are some of my worst worries with such joy that it makes the future seem less dark than it sometimes feels at 2.00am when I can’t get to sleep.

As most people know I am SP and although I can take care of myself right now there will probably come a time in the future that I need Direct Payments etc. Somehow the thought of you putting your leg through the shoulder strap of a swimming costume and still smiling (nay, laughing) about it, makes it seem do-able. I doubt that I will have your good humour but perhaps I will cope.



I'm glad it all went well, Poll.  



Hooray Poll, it’s great to know that in spite of everything you can still be a contortionist!

Hugs Trudie xx

Many, many tas to all who replied. Good to know my antics give some folk a laff............I`m not useless afterall then!

luv Pollx

Oh Jane, you`re such a sweetheart. When and if things get more difficult for you, I hope you manage to find carers who you can trust and ove too.

luv Pollx