YUP I am going to have a RANT about ESA and Benefits.


I recived a ltter a few weeks ago saying about the change over from income support and incapacity benefit to ESA.That I would receive a call from the benefits agency soon.Well I didnt know they would call on a Saturday.So missed the call.So I called them back and a week later they rang me and said they would soon send out the questionaire.I thought a few days to a week it would arrive,nope it didnt so I phoned them,they said I have never had a telephone interview from a benefits agent,I argued the point that I had.Anyways they promised to send the questionaire out.Again it didnt arrive,more phone calls later still no questionaire I was then told it takes 3 weeks to recieve the form hello 5-6 weeks later still no form.Called them again they said your on a waiting list to be sent the form and you will not recieve it yet,grrrrrr that was yesterday,ohh look what has arrived this morning the ESA questionaire.

Yesterday I had a letter from ESA saying the income support for my child was going to stop and they would send my childs details to child tax credits automaticaly and I would get CTCs.It also stated I would loose my housing benefit and other things so again I called them back,it appears the only bit of the letter that applied to me was the change over to CTC.Why the hell send out such a full on letter like that and stress me out when they only ment the first few lines were for me.

Yup this is going to be a long one.

More phone calls to diffrent sections of the benefits agency yesterday and today.To cut a long story short they have told me if I didnt have any children I would be better off by £71-00 per week.That once my income support stops for my child and I move over to ESA and CTC I will be worst off by £20-00 to £70-00 per week.

I am thinking your saying between £20 to £70 per week worse off I am adding this up and I will loose proberly more like £70 per week.

Being on low rate DLA and having a child realy dont pay any more money to you.If your disabled dont have any children.Shocking realy.

It works out that if I went onto JSA and CTC I would be better off than I am or will be once the changes kick in.

When my child was born I was on Incapacity Benefit,so they cut her Income Support right down to £2-50 per week,yup that is the truth it was £250 per week yes I did say £2-50 per week.Now I get £10-00 per week Income Support for my child.While others on CTC get above £60-00 per week.

I did argue with the benefits agency over the years on why they cut my childs Income Support and should I apply for CTC they said no stay on Income Support or you will be much worse off if you do and by god they were right.

If I loose upto £70-00 per week due to the benefit changes I and my child will have to live on about £70-£80 per week and pay all my bills,food,clothing etc.

How can this be done to families already struggling?

I would be better off on JSA and CTC or even though I am so ill go out and find a job and fight to survive,I now see the struggles we are facing with the changes of benefits and how many of us are worse off than we were ever before.

And another lie I was told and I belive it to be a lie because I think the benefits agency is employing idiots,they say an automatic change over from Income Support to Child Tax Credits on the letters I have recieved.They also told me on the phone this was automatic I didnt need to fill in any forms.

Totaly untrue CTC told me today I MUST fill in a CTC form or loose benefits if I didnt fill one in,I should recieve one withing 15 days if I dont recieve a form I am to ring them back…

Just goes to show what a mess of the system realy is and that none of the diffrent benefits sections know what the other is doing,I was also told diffrent benefits are dealt with difrrent and if we wanted to learn something we need to phone the right agency for fuller details or you could loose benefits.

Well done Cameron you realy realy have messed the system up and plunged many into debt leaving people helpless to fight back…

This is all very confusing, i think you should go to C Advice and get some help with all this,

You are beeing messed about realy badly, you need profesonail advice with this.

I cant help you as it seems so mixed up your head must be in a spin,or you could go and ask for a benifit check to get everything sorted into a way that you can follow.

All the best Barbara.xx

I totaly agree,it realy dont sound right at all.Ive had so many diffrent things told to me that I am totaly lost to what I am supposed to be doing,Ive wrote the short version of what realy has gone on.

I was phoning the local Job Centre about the ESA change over.Yesterday I was then told I am talking to the wrong people and they would get someone to phone me from Aberdean.

Im am like WHAT is going on here?

Someone or some people are surley NOT giving me the right information at all.Reading back what I have written I am like this cannot be right.

I am confused totaly on this now,am I just the unlucky one or is it I slur my words so bad they dont understand what I am asking?

Honestly I give up,I have had enough.

What a fiasco!!!

CAB for sure - I hope they can help you get things worked out (and that you don’t lose all that money!).

Karen x

Hi Charlie again, I’m afraid that is all far too complicated for me to give any help at all. However,you say you are on low rate dla, now I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way but from some things you say I.e. needing an electric wheelchair, getting a support worker, it sounds to me like you should be on more than low rate dla, you should see if you could be re assessed for this. Cheryl:-)

Thankyou Karen,Im going to ask my support worker to help sort this out.

Someone is surley telling me wrong information of that I am sure.Sounds like I am ranting and all confused I agree I am now.I have been trying to sort all this out for weeks and going backwards rather than foward.

It realy dont work out correctly because if I was on JSA and CTC that would come to over £100 per week,so how come they are saying I will get between £70-£80 per week in total for me and my child?

I dont owe them any money for things like loans,my bills are all direct debit and paid upto date.I just do not get this at all.

No I have not made a mistake I did hear them correctly and I know they are surley wrong.

Stamps her feet and grrrrrrrrr.