Just recieved my new tax code …lol …didnt take them long…which means i will be paying around £20 more a week in tax because i am on ESA now, i was on IB and didnt pay tax on it…to say i am fed up is an understatement…i get a private widows pension , so pay my tax through that…doesnt sound much but to be £20 a week worse off is a lot to me…

they are also saying i have underpaid tax to pay back too,at this rate i will end up with bug**r all

oh well not to worry its only money…

J x

Hello Mrs J , Thats awful they give it you with one hand an take it away with the other. I haven’t clamed for esa because i would end up having to pay for my Carers, so there didn’t seem much point. My daughter in the adult care home has esa but we end up paying it ll back on her care.

I hope you are okay and things are better for your daughter and granddaughter.

Michelle x

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Oh Mrs J, I’m so sorry to hear that, the system is shockingly wrong when your penalised this way. £20 a week is a lot to most people, I would be utterly enraged. Yes I know getting myself nowhere but in a state, but it’s the principle of the thing.

I just feel people like yourself and your husband who worked hard and saved, for their pension, shouldn’t have it taxed to extinction.


Polly xxx

Thanks Polly and Michelle, i am so annoyed,but i will get over it,its not the end of the world.

Its looking more and more like autism Michelle,my little grandaughters having some really bad meltdowns,due to her being non verbal,we are all very,very stressed with it , she sees the drs on 24th november,her speech therapist ,pushed for the referral.

J x

Hi Mrs J

That’s so typical, they give with one hand, and snatch it away quick as a flash, it is so annoying when you have worked hard, and £20 a week it’s not fair.

Hope all goes well for your granddaughters appointment and the stress on you and your family eases.

Take care

Pam x

Thanks Pam,this with my little grandaughter is going to take some getting used to,it really is.

J x

Hi Mrs J.

Its awful that they give with one hand and take away with the other!

Hope all goes well for your Granddaughters appointment, please let us know how it goes.

sending you hugs and best wishes,

Nina x

thats exactly what they do Nina, i will let you know how the appointment goes,but i dont think things will move that fast, she will have another one thats an assesment that will last quite some hours,but that wont be for some time yet,the stress of all this is making me ill,and i am so, worried all the time,too,just want it all to go away.

J x