Youtube & the PPMS uploads

Having a Youtube channel myself & uploading most days. I see what happens with others who suffer with PPMS.

I’ve had my Youtube channel for many years, before my diagnosis. It’s strange how it attracts the corrupt folk. From my Terry Talks on TalkTalk, My Natwest bank account & basically anything linked to me online, including my Youtube. As soon as others know you’re having health problems. They come out of the woodwork like vultures to take what ever they can steal.

From ideas, to whatever makes you tick. They take it all & cowardly say to my face, you’re going mad.

I know differently. There’s obviously a great many disturbed fakes in this world. Link it to money & BOOM it goes off like a time bomb. A scrounging frenzy. With comments like you are lucky to be alive. My aunties & uncles are all doctors & for what you have in your bank, we can cure you. The idiots never stop.

They know, I know what their game is. Yet they’ll never stop. They prey on people with problems.

Note to others with PPMS. Make sure you know people, before you answer any of their bullshit question.

Even when you think you know them. Ask the motive for their inquiry. People don’t like others having anything & in some cases. Being in a country where people with problems get help. It doesn’t happen in their country, so they get jealous.

The bad eggs, always cover each others backs, even when they are in the wrong. Like a solicitor defending a murderer.

It’s obviously wrong, but when it involves money, anything goes. If it’s their reputation, even worse.

Look after yourselves people. Be aware of the fakes. They drive nice cars & wear suites too.

Thank you for sharing your information & have a lovely day. Brown nose stuff.

Take caution!