You may say I’m a dreamer ...

… but hopefully I’m not the only one.

When my granddaughter was around 3 years I wrote her a poem. It was about imagination and where it could take her throughout her life. It did and still does take her anywhere she wants and she can be anyone she likes just by imagining it.

With MS we may not be able to do the things we used to and what we do perhaps takes twice as long.

But in our imagination we can still run and jump. We can remember and imagine the places we have been to. We can still feel the moment we first met our partners and how the excitement felt. We can smell the sea or the mountain air. We can revisit our finest hours.

We can be three years old again.

Imagination is a wonderful thing and MS can never take it.

Where will your imagination take you right now?


I love this, I needed this today thanks.
i would take myself off to the beach on a nice brisk day. The sky would be bright blue with no clouds and i’d fly my kite and watch it swirling around high in the air. I can smell the sea air and hear the crashing of the waves.

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Totally agree, in my dreams I dance, in daytime reality I’m in my wheelchair - but I love the dance… :kissing_heart: Maz