Still Dreaming?

Hello all,

I have recently read that the damage caused to the brain, in people with MS, can lead to them no longer being able to dream, or perhaps just not remember what the dream was. Does anyone else on the forum find that this is the case? I personally very rarely have any/remember any dreams that I have. It isn’t that important of course, but sometimes it would be nice to be ‘away with the faries’ and living in a totally different world. My friend who also has MS, but who is wheelchair bound, says that he does occasionally dream, but in his dreams he is never out of his chair. Has anyone else got any strange experiences like this? I hope that you are all feeling well, especially as Summer should soon be with us.

Best Wishes,


Hi Moira,

That’s interesting - I don’t remember dreams and haven’t for ages. Thought I must have just been sleeping deeper until you said - I do know that I wake up stiffer than before (despite a memory foam mattress), so I don’t think I move much in my sleep either.

Luisa x

Hi Moira

I stopped dreaming for about 3 years but a couple of months ago I started dreaming again and I love it.

I think my brain has manged to make new connections. I’m in a wheelchair but when I dream I’m not! I’ve always loved dreaming so this is a real treat to get back.

I hope your dreams return…

;-)))))))) Mary

Hi Moira,

I to do not dream anymore but I had just put it down to the drugs that I take at night. They seem to knock me right out and I don’t hear a thing until my other half says “you getting up today?”

Now you have me wondering!!

Janet x

I definitely still dream, but generally only remember them if the dream was interrupted (I woke up in the middle of it), or if something happens during the day that reminds me.

I don’t think it’s “normal” to remember everything, or even most, of what you dream, so I wouldn’t say not remembering means they’re not happening, or that it has anything to do with MS.

Lately I’ve been having nightmares, which I certainly DO remember, because they wake me up! I’m sure they’re related to anxiety about being ill, although they’re never obviously about that.

The other night, for example, I dreamt I was somewhere that resembled an airport terminal, or something like that. I got onto something I thought was a lift. It was a lift, but not for members of the public. I’d somehow strayed into an area that was off-limits, and boarded some kind of service lift. It was a sort of open lift - more like a bucket or something - bit like a chairlift. I assume for luggage or something. Around me, I could see other “buckets” ascending, but all were completely empty - there was nobody in sight to call for help. And of course, there was no alarm button, because the lift wasn’t meant for people! So I was lifted up high into the vaults of the building, among the girders, and all I could think was that I was about to hit my head, because we were getting closer and closer to the roof.

Just when I would have hit my head, I woke up in a sweat.


I definitely dream but only if I get a stretch of unbroken sleep (with 2 kids not always possible!) I usually dream about things I have been thinking about but often in a weird way. So for example this morning i dreamt i went to the living room and there was a cat chasing our cat around (our cat only has three legs) Anyway i woke up to the sound of our cat meowing to be let out.

Hello Luisa, Mary, Janet, Tina & Lyndsay,

Thank you for replying to my post. Your dream (Tina) is one that I’d rather not have, but I do miss dreaming; especially now the Euro Millions are up for grabs, and George Cluney… . I used to dream about the most ordinary (plumbing) dreams, but now if I ever have a dream I find that I am always having to assert myself for some reason. It is as if everyone is out there to get me… very weird. But positive or negative, I think that I would just like a bit of dreaming, as this would mean that my brain was healed well enough to invent it.

Thank you to all responders,