Just thinking.

You know how dreams can play with our fear of embarrassment and leave us in endless frustrating situations?

Well, I often dreamt of surprising myself by being able to walk or even run. Obviously, pointing a sharp needle into my feelings of inadequacy. Now it’s the opposite. I can’t move. My walking stick breaks or my wheelchair disappears.

This is my subconscious getting me back for being optimistic about my success with tackling fatigue.

But they are dreams.

I’m moving flat next Saturday and I’ve felt a little pressure by stealth. Just like the dreams, the MS is little more than a bully lurking somewhere further down the evolutionary scale.

It won’t stop me smiling.

We’ve just accepted an offer on my father’s house as well.

Let the dreams try.


Steve that’s so funny , I’ve dreamt that I’m out walking or running bit then I start falling always falling and I remember that I’m disabled in one dream I rang Lee up to ask him to bring my wheelchair as I was walking along Frodsham main street but kept falling over. Frazer dreams that he’s chasing squirrels and then he remembers he’s a working dog and has to walk nicely with my chair . Michelle and Frazer xx

Dreams are a strange thing Steve, I very rarely can remember mine, although I know I was dreaming. Makes me sound like a strange person, but that is how it happens. Some people say you can read a lot into dreams. Hope your move goes smoothly for you. Pam x