I used to dream of simple dilemmas.

My car would be stolen, my walking stick would be stolen or my wheelchair would go missing. Now, it’s become beyond the ridiculous. I’m in a contentious situation with people that I know. They are not my favourite people and I need to act.

But suddenly, walking without aids, I become rooted to the spot. I have to stand there and argue but I slowly collapse to the ground blaming everyone else. No-one comes to help.

Yes, I am weird.


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I’ve had some strange dreams too Steve. Usually I’m without the wheelchair walking but falling over and over again , in one dream I was on the bus and remembered I needed my wheelchair and rang Lee to bring it …all in my dreams I take amytriptline…l think that’s how it’s spelt , when I first started taking it I had very vivid dreams. Frazer dreams too… sometimes he howls in his sleep. Michelle and Frazer

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You’re not weird, without the car, stick and wheelchair you would be stranded. I think your dreams are of real worries and anxieties, with the added stress of people you dislike being there to see your distress.

Love your blogs

Jan x

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I have my best nights sleep when I am dreaming about being at work,they are extremely vivid even now 20 years after giving up and I am disappointed when I wake up. Once in my ‘virtual reality’ state I inadvertently wet the bed believing I had gone to the works urinal. I blamed this on the antibiotics I was taking the time…