The orange cat

Last night I found an orange cat it was crying pitifully in my neighbours garden across the road as I picked it up I was horrified to see the state it was in…scrawny an almost threadbare like an old carpet , it was freezing cold there was a frost on the ground and it’s tiny eyes were covered by stickers , yes something from a nightmare, Thoughts were flashing through my head as I walked… yes walked in the middle of the night to the high street Vets, hoping that they would save it and thinking of a plan to get Lee to agree for us to keep it…it funny what you dream isn’t it and quite sad too. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Oh Michelle, what dreams we have.

My latest ones involve being without a stick and completely unable to walk. Well I can’t really walk so I’m left standing (just) watching everything pass before me.

I also dream of talking seriously. ???

Sweet dreams, x woof.

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I must change my cheese supplier. I recently dreamed I was a fell runner… Even at my fittest / healthiest younger days this would NEVER have happened. weird stuff indeed Mick


Glad I am not the only one with weird dreams, although sometimes I can’t recall my dream, although I know I dreamt something!

All very strange.

Pam x

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Thanks so much everyone for replying, I actually felt a bit crazy writing on the forum , I constantly dream that I’m walking but when I remember that I can’t…i start falling and that is all in my dream so even in my subconscious I’m disabled. It’s good fun though …ive crashed loads of cars when I’ve been driving …again just in my dreams, I haven’t driven for nearly 5 years my licence was revoked when I went for an assessment. I think Frazer dreams too, he kicks his legs about and whines, I’m sure he’s chasing squirrels. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Well my latest was crazy.

I was working in a secondary school with my old friend Martin-he’s a teacher too. All I was doing was walking round the school. I couldn’t find the staffroom. The school was on the border of Wallasey and Birkenhead. I decided to go home to my parent’s house at lunchtime to get a different shirt to wear. Just outside the school was an outdoor concert commemorating remembrance. I stopped and cried because the music was so moving. I returned to the school without a shirt and just carried on walking around.

Analyse that!

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There’s a lot to analyse Steve , it’s from your past , your love of teaching and your love of music , it must have really affected you to bring you to tears , and it’s quite interesting that you dreamt you were going back home, probably the place you felt safe. I’m not sure what the shirt bit means but at least you were dressed. I hope that you enjoyed Cyprus …when are you doing your blog about it ? Michelle and Frazer xx

poor choice of cheese