"You BIG Softy!" She said. What's yours?


That’s my big softy bit done this morning…

It started with the Olympic closing ceremony last night. I told my wife this morning that it was great and had a lot of music that I enjoy, Queen, Beatles, ELO… Charlie and the Choccy Factory! So I said, “Aw, it was only missing my composer John Barry.” He done a few Bond themes amongst many other great film tracks.

Now when I got married to my lovely wife in Cuba 8 years ago, I had a magical John Barry piece of music playing when she was walking over a small wooden bridge to join me at the gazebo. I have also made a DVD with this music on from Dances with Wolves and it always, always, chokes me up. Sooooo this morning I was watching Breakfast News with her, before she left for work, and it had THAT piece of music on as the Olympic flame flickered and died to a lonely trumpet. A sniff and she looked at me and that was it face red and tears welling. “You big softy,” she said!

Gosh! Well that’s my moment what’s yours?

Marty – The Softy

A film called ‘The cure’ where a young lad gets HIV from a blood tranfusion and is befriended by the local bully/troublemaker who then takes the young boy around America in the hope of finding a cure, the young boy later dies from AIDS, that film is quite moving and always makes me cry

It gets me everytime someone says something lovely. Words dont cost anything and saying thank you means the world to most, especially those who never see anyone for weeks upon end.

Thank you for sharing. Yes indeed people can make other peoples lives truly meaningful, amazing and worthwhile. I thank you to all my lovely friends discovered and yet to be discovered!



Hi Marty, that’s lovely and very romantic, it’s good when a piece of music brings back a happy memory, you do sound like a big softy. I have a piece of music that reminds me of my husband, but not at all romantic. It is the Clash singing “I fought the Law” Bren, I agree with you about saying things like thank you , it costs nothing to be nice and it means so much to so many people. Cheryl:-)

marty - that was a lovely post, you big softie!

cheryl - did he really fight the law? and why did he let them win?

Carole58, no he didn’t fight the law, lol, it’s just when I first met him, I had that song on a tape in my car (a tape, yes, it was that long ago), he said he was a clash fan and asked if I was, I said it was just that song I liked, but since then the song reminds me of him and him of me. No, I’m not romantic like Marty, maybe Marty you could pass on some tips, lol. Cheryl:-)