Yearly scan

Hi everyone, I hope your all as well as you can be. I have just got home from my 6 monthly ms appointment, it seems my last scan has shown no new lesions and no signs of inflammation :clap: also had a bladder check and all is fine to. The infusions are keeping everything stable, just wanted to share it with you all. Angie :heart:


Well done Angie. Hopefully it will always stay that way.


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Congrats Angie keep up the fight :blush: dmts working well …

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Excellent news

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Thankyou, the infusions are doing what’s needed :smiley:

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Lovely. Great to hear. What DMT are you on? I am on plegridy but the neuro referred to tysabri if things get more active.

I’m on ocrevus infusions, have one twice a year. It’s the first dmt I’ve tried and seems to be working, take care. Angie :heart: