Hi all just received a letter from my Nuro advising that since my last years Scan and the most recent one I have no new lesions on my brain so Yay!! I’m happy !! I haven’t had any new symptoms or relapses whilst on this drug.

I hope this will give hope to others that are also on this Dmd.

Ann xxx

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That’s great news for you! I also take tec and I hope I can say the same when my next scan is done in may

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how often are you being scanned because i had a scan before starting tec but none since then and that was about 5 years ago.

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I started it in June last year I think.i was just diagnosed so had just had an MRI. I went for an MRI with contrast before taking it and I am due one in may this year. As I’m still in the first year, I see ms nurse for check up and have urine test and bloods 3 monthly

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You should be scanned annually Catwoman I can’t believe you haven’t had one for five years that’s disgraceful I would get on to them and get another done.

Ill keep my fingers crossed for you Emmakay.

Ann x

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Hi All I’m to complete 6 months of fortnightly blood test from next Tues,thankfuly I’ve been taking Aubagio (Terinuflumode) excuse spelling. -1 table daily since Oct2017 Excellent news from Smokey and all other reply’s. I hope to establish next few weeks if this dmt is helping with remission ms since 2012. I appreciate I haven’t had much side effects at all. Maybe I’ll get this years mri that the nice m.s. nurses often ask when my last scan was -Aug2017 Neurologist Mon morning -return to same hospital Tues morning for last 2 weekly blood test-the 8 weekly blood tests thereafter.