spine MRI

I’ve been on Tec for over a year and had a brain only MRI with contrast recently (routine after a year on Tec). Results show new patch of inflammation on ventricle. So it’s not NEDA. My neuro seems ok for me to stay on Tec as I’ve not had a relapse.

I did have a 24hr ear infection that gave weird ear symptoms not long before the scan.

My back and legs are aching more than ever when I stand and walk, I feel this part of me is deteriorating. I was thinking of asking for a spine MRI as if there is new inflammation on my spine I perhaps should change DMT.

Any thoughts? thanks

Hi Lenney

I was diagnosed 11 years ago with RR MS following MRI, Lumber Puncture and Visual Evoked Potential tests.

I have had Secondary Progressive for 2 years and having terrible low back and leg pain my neuro arranged for a spine MRI to be done. It came back with new lesions low in the spinal cord so this made sense of the low back/leg weakness and pain.

I hope you manage to get a spine MRI done as, like me, it may explain your new symptoms in the back and legs. It helped me to understand what was going on.

Take care.

Shazzie x

Thanks Shazzie, are you on any DMT?

I was on Copaxone soon after diagnosis in 2005. As I was relapsing a lot while on this I switched to Rebif and still had many relapses a year. We decided to stop DMDs as they weren’t working. I know they help many people but not me unfortunately. I remember asking my neuro if I was the only one deteriorating while on a DMD and he said “certainly not”.

Shazzie x