Curious about dx

Hi all

really hope you don’t mind me posting on here as I usually post on newly dx but thought I may get more replies on this one

anyway cut a long story short I’ve been under investigation for about 9 mths now I’ve had a MRI which showed 12 small lesions and a clear LP and bloods my neuro was thinking ms until my LP results came back clear and ordered a 2nd MRI which I had on Sunday

my question is as anyone had the similar things and gone onto be dx ?

My symtoms are endless so won’t bore u all but they are most def getting worse

thanks in advance for taking the time to read


Cody01, Hi, I had a vaguely similar situation. One of several repeat MRIs, this one after a relapse, showed active new lesions which led to a confirmed diagnosis, however, there were other factors - with repeat EPR and spine MRI results also being taken into consideration.

I know being in limbo sucks, I was there for about 16 months (some on here have been there much longer) and you just want to know what’s causing your symptoms. I’m afraid that’s just how it is with MS for some of us. And remember, no two cases are the same.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Thanks so much for your reply can I just ask did you also have a clear LP ?

Yes, I had a clear LP.

Hope your results come through soon.

Thank you x

hi cody

lumbar punctures are not necessary for diagnosing ms. some people refuse to have them.

its a kind of protocol that neuros follow.

when you next relapse make sure that you let your ms nurse and neuro know.

hopefully they will do another MRI which could lead to diagnosis.

carole x

Hi I also had clear LP but both my MRIs and symptoms suggested MS so my neuro wouldn’t rule it out. I was told not to go on any dmds at that point as only had 1attack and it is possible wouldn’t happen again,it was a year later had relapse and then was put on dmds. X