mri results

Hello to all my friends and I hope you are as well as can be. I had mri of brain and spine with contrast on 19th Dec and now have results.

The letter says, the mri of the brain reassuringly does not show any progression when compared to previous scans. This is my first ever spinal mri so there is nothing to compare it to but it does show demyelinating plaques in the cerviacl spine as well as the thoracic.

My neurologist says it is difficult to say if they are new but in view of the recent symptoms suggestive of a relapse in september they are localised in the areas affected.

The dilemma is that due to the medication for breast cancer the only dmd wold be copaxone but my oncologist does not want dmd’s at this moment. The neuro said he would suggest copaxone to try and prevent further progression. Agh its a scary place but I think I need to go with not taking the dmd’s as the tamoxifen is really needed right now. Srry for the rabble and love to you all xxxMary

hi marydan

you are quite right in wanting to follow your oncologist’s advice.

has he said that copaxone would be alright?

if so, get on it now.

it isn’t a heavy duty DMD and i hardly noticed i was taking it.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carol, the oncologist said when I seen her in November that she would not want me to take dmd’s at this point but if things changed with my ms we could discuss it then.

The scary thing is I keep telling myself the lesions have been here for years and it was totally connected with the cancer that the relapse happened. Crazy I know but it is my only way of dealing with things at this point. Are you on copaxone still xxx Mary

hi mary

i’ve switched to tecfidera 3 years ago.

my injection sites were a mess.

tec is a more powerful drug and has a better rate of reducing relapses.

in my opinion relapses happen because of stress.

i should think that cancer is stressful enough to cause relapses.

quite a few cancer patients have HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy) at my ms resource centre.

it is a good healer.

carole x

Hi Carole, thank you so much for taking the time to reply again.

I think for now I can only remain positive as I cannot take anything for the ms.

The oncologist did say that maybe at a later date we may discuss dmd.

I suppose because the relapse was so severe in the summer I am scared if it happens again but I have told myself I have beaten the breast cancer and as you say it was a very stressful time so I really think the relapse was due to that. I will keep you lovely folk informed and again many many thanks. xxxx Mary