Private MRI scan and change DMT?

Just looking for peoples thoughts.

Three weeks ago I had a cold infection and my legs were aching much more than usual, I did have some leg pain and stiffness before but nothing like with this infection. I also had new symptom of being stabbed in my back about six times - sharp pains. I got over the cold about ten days ago but my legs have not returned to how they were. It is so painful for me to stand up and walk. I feel ok seated and laying down.

I have tried various painkillers and nothing has worked. Baclofen makes me feel sick. I asked my neuro through my MS nurse nine days ago if I can have a spine MRI and no response back for the neuro.

I enquired about having a private spine MRI scan and the hospital can do it in around 10 days, referral from GP or neuro needed. I am concerned Tecfidera is not working for me as I feel like I am progressing and might need to change DMT. My last brain MRI scan from Jan this year shows one new lesion which did not enhance with contrast.


Why not try phoning your neurologists secretary first. That sometimes helps. You can then get his/her email address and send an email that could then be passed directly to the neuro. Sometimes bypassing the MS nurse is a good idea. They may not understand just how you feel and ultimately I assume you’d want your NHS neurologist to change your DMD so they’d have to see any MRI that you paid for privately anyway.


Hi Sue thanks. I have the secretary email address so could try that route, to put it politely she has ignored many emails and voice messages I have left before - send over a period of a few weeks. I asked her on the phone once why she didn’t respond to my requests, she was not on leave or sick and she had nothing to say. My MS nurse knows of these troubles and could not understand why she is like this.

The NHS MRI scans may take three or so weeks from past experience. I don’t want to wait that long.