Injections or infusions

Hello just heard from my MS nurse who has told me that I have been diagnosed with RRMS (I knew it was MS I just didn’t know which type it was). I am being offered either Kesimpta or Ocrevus (one is infusion one is injection I can’t remember which way round it is). My preference I think would be six monthly infusion rather than monthly injections. Does any one have any experience or advice about either these brands or injections/infusions generally? Thanks

Hi there
Was looking through posts and see your post
I have been diagnosed same RRMS and offered to research both injection and intravenous as you had been offered
Can I ask did you make a decision and which did you go for
Anything to share re side effects and how you are feeling

Yes I went for Ocrevus infusion mostly because I didn’t want to remember injections every month. I have had my first infusions in August 2022 and my next one is this coming February. I have to say I found it very relaxing and I’m looking forward to my next one! You might find this vlog entry useful. MS Infusion day part 2 - YouTube

Great thanks for prompt response
How was it afterwards , did you suffer any affects

How have you been feeling overall
Do you work ? How has that been ?

Thankyou for sharing


I didn’t have any side effects. The nurse was there the whole time in case there was a bad reaction

Hi Gail
How are you now
Just catching up to see how you are getting on with the infusion’s

Have they made a difference
Shelly x