Kesimpta vs Ocrevus

Hi all,

I been to see my MS nurse to decide on the start of treatment and 2 options were given to me: Kesimpta and Ocrevus.
I have done my blood tests and will need to come to decision in a few days when my results are back.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with one or both those drugs to help me choose.

Thank you so much in advance.

Following. Im in a similar situation, and every time I think Ive made a decision, I swing to the other!
Good luck with your decision and future.

What makes you change you hesitate and change your mind? Side effects? Using the injection/infusion drop?

I am on the ocrevus infusion, the only side affect I get is tiredness for a few days afterwards. I can’t comment on kesimpta as I don’t know anything about it. Take care, Angie :heart:

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Thanks, apologies for delay, it was mostly the idea of injecting myself. But then I swing with worry about side effects, the impact on life / work if I get them more regular 1/month rather than 2/annum. However having read a bit more I think ill have to get over injecting myself and opt for kesimpta rather than ocrevus based on some further comparative info I found. Keen to hear what hou think tho?

Yes, I understand your thinking.
The 2 drugs seem to be quite similar in efficiency and side effects so it’s really about the method of taking the medication. The fact that Kesimpta is done at home with less hospital visits speak to me more.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the other info have you found that makes you be more inclined to K?

I think it was this, Kesimpta vs Ocrevus Comparison -
I was inclined towards K anyway, just had a wobble when i was ‘okay - decided’ so went for another little look.
You are right they are so similar, except method if delivery (obviously half life aswell considering spacing of dosage) I’m of the understanding they are quite interchangeable, hence can be swapped (with wash out period)

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Thank you for the link.

Is it the risks of other diseases that worry you?

No, not really! I more look at the efficacy of tge drug and the %age who encounter side effects.
Does that worry you?

Not really either. Also, my MS nurse didn’t mention risks of life threatening conditions (like cancer) so I feel ok about that.
She said that the 2 drugs had similar side effects and both a high efficacy.

Still can’t decide between the injection or the infusion.

Im sorry I cannot help you with any exoerirnce based advice. I really hope you can maje a decision soon.
I have a coipje if conv to have. And Ill talk it thru with nursing team b4 fully deciding.
Good luck,
Thanks for chatting, sorry I wasnt helpful.

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Thank you for chatting, you have been super helpful and friendly.