Ocrevus or Kesimpta

Hi all, Ive just been diagnosed with RRMS after 30 years of intermittent symptoms including diziness, numbness and neuralgia type pain (which i have suffered with for the last eight years).

The last two years I have struggled more and more with stiffness and balance issues, and more recently pain in hips and lower back. I always seem to have more pain and mobility issues when I am tired, including the trigeminal neuralgia for which I am prescribed amitriptylene.

I finally got the diagnosis yesterday from my neurologist and it was almost a relief that I’m not just getting old and decrepit before my time (I’m 57). I am now presented with the choice of treatments.

My neurologist recommended either Ocrevus as a six monthly infusion, or Kesimpta as a monthly at home injection. I have done a little research into both but I keep swinging from one to the other then back again. I just wondered what choice others have made, or if any of you have experience of both and can give me some pointers.

It’s good to be able to give my health issues a name, and I am thankful that I now have a plan of action! I wish i had found this forum six months ago, before i was diagnosed and had so many questions.


I heard from my haematologist not neurologist, that basically they’re the same drug, albeit administered differently --intravenous vs subcutaneous.
I’m on Kesimpta, once-a-month, after the first month; I’ve had no experience with Ocrevus I’m afraid.

@muchthesamemuchness thanks for the info. Do you suffer any side effects with kesimpta?

Just feeling aches and feverish, next day after effect; much like Avonex once-a-week, I was on 9 years previous.

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Been on Ocrevus for a couple of years (2.5?) and it has been great for me. The 6 monthly schedule makes it less intrusive and I have not relapsed since.

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Ive decided to gonwith Ocrevus. Hopefully won’t have to wait too long to start treatment

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