Yeah some good news for a change

As some of you know I have been struggling with the pain I'm In.

I have eventually got my GP to refer me to the pain clinic to see if they can help it ahs taken 6 letters in total from my MS nurse and my neuro before they would do it.

I have a appointment on Wednesday so now perhaps I can start living my life again and be back to myself.



Marcus. x.

That great news for you, well done for sticking to yours guns.




well done you! i hope you get lots of help there, i'm in the same boat as you, so i sympathise/empathise.  i've gone via the 'take pills till you rattle' route so far, but i think i should really follow your lead and try to get an appointment with a pain clinic myself. last time i saw my neuro he asked if i'd be interested, i said i would be, but as i was sobbing my heart out through most of the appointment (can't eat properly: pain, can't sleep: pain, emotional wreck: pain...) he was pitching anti-depressants pretty heavily at the time, so that will be what he remembers most, i suppose. i did start taking nortriptyline and they have made it quite a lot more bearable without making me feel at all odd. i hope you post on here after you've been, i'd love to know how you get on, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


wendy x

Well done and good luck from me also.

I got to see a pain management specialist last year and he prescribed pragabalin initially

Anyway cutting a long story etc., I am now on maximum dose pregabalin plus I am topping up with a new drug tapentadol. Last week I was told to double up the daily dose of that one to try and reduce the pain (mainly leg pain).

So what am I saying here?

Well in my case I am lucky to get to see the pain management specialist on a regular basis but I am pretty full of some strong class A tablets for only a 10-15% pain reduction benefit. Maybe I should cut down the drugs and start using a more natural treatment as sativex is too expensive to consider.

Please let us know how your meeting goes and good luck again.

Thanks for the replys and I will let everyone know.

I'm also fed up with taking tablets and I'm going to end up rattling. I say to my two boys I think a packet of Smarties would work better than all the tablets so know everytime I come home with my next months supply of tablets they ask me if it is sweets but have to tell them no.


Allie xxx

Hey Allie

Good Luck at your appointment. Hope you get something to ease your pain. Well done for keeping at them. That is what is needed I think.

Will be interested to hear how you got on,

Teresa xx


Good to hear that at last you have got somewhere. Isn't sad we all have to keep pushing?

Do let us know how you get on, good luck.

Janet x

Good luck and hope it goes well for you.


Just a quick update

I have been to the pain clinic and they couldnt believe that my gp has left me in this much pain for so long. They have given my some pain killers to see if it help if he dont then we will have to try something else. But at least we are getting somewhere.

Thanks again for all your support

Allie xxx

Hi Allie,

Always nice to hear an update to a post. At least you're on the list now and can get some help.

I think that a lot of us with MS just put up with symptoms. 

Treat yourself tonight - you deserve it! 

Jen xx