X marks the future

This is the most important general election in my 60 years. 2 important deadlines approach.

Register to vote
If you have not yet received a poling card it is possible that you are not registered to vote.
You can register on line Register to vote - GOV.UK (you will need your NI number)
It only takes a couple of minutes.
The deadline is Monday 20th April

Get a postal vote
Anyone can vote by post - it is especially helpful for anyone with mobility problems.
Get the form here: Apply for a postal vote - GOV.UK
It must be returned by 5pm Tuesday 21st April

Many people are unsure of who to vote for. I am an active member of the Labour Party so I have no such problems but I want to urge you who to vote AGAINST.

This is a forum for people with a potentially disabling illness - we are the very people who will be most affected by the welfare cuts that the Tories have planned for the next two years. I spent my working life in the public sector, paid my taxes, did my bit for more than 25 years. Through no fault of my own I can no longer work and rely on welfare. If the proposed cuts go ahead I will see my income slashed and if my mum dies soon I’ll have to pay the bloody bedroom tax as well!

Please please don’t let these “people” back in power. If you can’t decide who to vote FOR at least know who to vote AGAINST.


Wendels - you give negative reasons why we should not vote Tory - do you really think that Labour will not make cuts.

Give us some positive reasons why we should vote Labour without reference to what the Tories might do.

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Hi Wendels. I’m not quite sure I am voting for. Always voted Labour, but now swaying towards SNP. One thing I do know I will not be voting Tories back in.

I do no think that this is the correct forum for me to persuade people to vote Labour - I have made my comments because I am passionate that a Tory government is not the right choice for disabled/ill people. I do think that Labour will make cuts, it is the scale and the rational that is different. The Conservative party plan to slash disability benefits whilst giving tax cuts to the wealthy few. I want people to vote for a party that is committed to creating a fairer society.

I am trying to appeal to people to use a vote, if not for something then against inequality and indifference. Vote to protect the NHS, vote to ensure a fair access to public funds, vote for a crack down on tax dodgers. It is up to each person to decide which party they think is going to best accomplish those aims. Obviously I think that the Labour Party have the interests of the many and not the few at heart but in this context I AM negatively campaigning - I am actively asking people NOT to vote conservative because I think it will be disastrous for people with MS


The key advantage to voting Conservative is that further savage cuts to disabled benefits will almost certainly continue to increase the suicide rate, and swell donations to the MS Tissue Bank. Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it?


yep the tories could swell the ranks of their voters by pledging free flights to a swiss clinic, therefore cutting the welfare spending even more.


You will find a helpline number at the back of the card Jen, give them a quick ring.


I will of course be voting Labour.

Registered the other day for a postal vote.


Here’s a challenge Wendels –

If you can give me one good cast-iron reason, without mentioning the Tories, why voting labour will help pwms I’ll vote for the reds.

I have pm you with some good cast iron reasons for pwMS to vote labour but I will reiterate now that my posts on the general election are not pro labour (although obviously I am) but are to do with the fact that I think a conservative government is not in the interests of disabled people.

I would not bring politics into the forum at all but for my fear of cuts to disability benefits. It is solely to alert people to this single issue that I have made my comments. It is not my intention to use this forum to make political hay, I do not presume to suggest who anyone should vote for - only who NOT to vote for.


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