Would it be a stupid thing to do?

Hello everyone, I’m in limbo at the moment, am undiagnosed, had first attack a while ago, had all sorts of symptoms since but neuro doesn’t want to do any further tests at present. I’m 31 & at that age where I would love a baby with my partner. Christmas has really brought this feeling to the surface, as I spent the whole time just going round visiting relatives, & I was thinking to myself I would love my own family now & would love to spend Christmas in my own home with my baby with family visiting me for a change & like alot of people I expect, I have got to the age where Christmas isn’t about me anymore, it’s about the children etc. I’m thinking of taking the plunge & starting to try for a baby with my partner. I mean I can’t hang around waiting for a diagnosis. Also if I got a diagnosis now it would be so much harder going on a potential treatment, then stopping again to try for a baby. What do you guys think? Am I being totally irresponsible, or just trying to take control of my life back? Thanks for reading x

Hello, I am going to be completely positive and say go for it. If having a baby is what you and your partner want, then you should both go forth and try and get the life/future you want! Don’t let your fears of what may come affect you right now. I am pretty sure your Neurologist would say there is no reason to put having a family on hold. I m undiagnosed but have been unwell for a very long time. 7 years ago I had my beautiful son. He became the sunshine I had been waiting for and he still is and always will be. Whatever happens to me now, I am a mum, hopefully a good one even through my worst days. No neurological issues will take that from me. Nor should you let it dictate you and your partner, or the threat of what may come. Live for now and enjoy. (I felt really well during pregnancy) Sam x


About 24 years ago I was married with a 9 month yr old baby girl, expecting my 2nd baby - and I began to have increasing symptoms which eventually led to a diagnosis of M.S. Jump forward to 2012 - I have 3 gorgeous children and an equally gorgeous grandson. I am still married and my MS is now SP - I am in a wheelchair - more or less full time. The MS can be horrendous - over the years there have been lots of lows and each symptom/relapse has brought its own problems.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have never ever regretted having my children. Despite everything what they have given me [and I’m sure others will agree] is beyond words. I’d be lying if I didn’t at times feel I was a crappy mum, but I know deep down that I have given them love and brought them up to have empathy and compassion.

Others may disagree - this is just my experience.

Jody x

My daughter came along before ms was on the agenda for me, not much before but enough for a few years for us to grow together. Now she is 21 and has this year graduated from University. The feeling of pride as I met her that day at Uni and saw her robed up was overwhelming and not many events in my life can compare to that feeling. Probably the last time was at her birth!

Had she never have existed I would know no better, but this is something to be up there with the historic events of one’s life that will never regretted. Whichever path a child chooses as they grow up will become significant in your life too, and you may live to regret it if you don’t embrace this opportunity.


I had all four of my children before dx and they are the reason I get up in the morning and why I keep going. I wouldn’t be without them for the world. Loads of people on here have children post-dx - I don’t think life is easy but I don’t think any of them regrets their decision. Go ahead and get on with your life. I hope you are successful, please keep us posted! Teresa xx