Would anyone else feel the same way?

Hi hope all feeling as well as can be? I am on holiday in a motor home with my husband. When we went to collect the hired Motor home we were given the latest model ( as hoped ) and everything was great. That night we discovered that the central heating was not working so were pretty cold the first evening and rang the hire company the next day. We were told that we would have to buy a fan heater the next day to use until the third day when we could go to another hire depot and swap vans. We had to go out of our way to do this and had already wasted several hours with phone calls to the hire company the previous day. Anyway we

Oh no half of my post is missing

oh… and it was just getting exciting! what happened next? those bastard hire companies!!!

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Continued from above.

We went to the depot to swap motor homes and after the man stating categorically that they were exactly the same layout in side we found ( once we had moved everything over ) that the kitchen area layout was different and instead of drawers that made it easy for me to get to most things there were cupboards that made it very difficult.

Apart from that this second motor home had very grubby looking stained seats, holes in the nets, partly blocked waste pipes, door loose on hinges, loose light fitting, main vent does not open and in the grill there is no grill pan but a tatty old Teflon roasting tin that you would have to try and hold up near to the flames to grill something.

We were so looking forward to this holiday as we cannot afford to do this again and I just feel it has been ruined.

Am I being difficult or would any of you feel the same?

sounds like you are being given a raw deal.

if i were you, i would complain like a bastard!

good luck!

sorry it’s turned out to be so disappointing.

my view would be that you should get what you arranged and paid for. inadequate and dirty facilities amount to breach of contract. They should be swapping the van again and compensating you for wasted holiday time and cost of phone calls etc

hope you manage to get sorted out so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday

Janet x


Hi Jaycie,

I am not sure whether I would have felt the whole holiday was “ruined”, but it would definitely have taken the edge off for me, and I’d be making a formal complaint, and expecting an apology, and something by way of compensation. I do not think that is “being difficult”.

I do not think you can realistically expect to get the full price of the holiday back, given that you did elect to continue with it, but I’d certainly be looking for a partial refund, and reimbursement for the cost and inconvenience of your forced detours, phone calls, and purchase of a heater, as an absolute minimum.



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Hi, like you…this is the 3rd time I`ve typed a reply, only for it to disappear…gremlins!

In my former life, I was a seasoned motorhomer. So I was very interested in your post.

Over the years, we have bought several motorhomes (vans)…from the top Autosleepers, Autotrails, right down to the little self build camper we have now, which only my hubby sleeps in occassionally.

They all had some problems, which dealers would not always fix happily once a van was sold and handover had gone well.

We swapped vans when my mobility progressed and I couldnt manage. It mattered HUGELY how many steps were needed in between different areas of the van, or how easily/difficult it was to open doors, cupboards etc. So I do understand how that affected you.

You were unlucky with the first van`s heating system. Of course things can go wrong post handover. But to be told to buy a heater was neither right nor fair.

Then with the poor condition of the second van, no wonder you feel aggrieved. Quite right too!

That van had obviously not been prepped for re-hire and it was rotten luck for you.

I think you must write to the hire company, listing all the problems. I doubt they will consider how much these things affected your condition…but you never know, so give it a try.

I do feel some compensation is due to you.

Let us know how it goes, yeh?

luv Pollxx