was I unreasonable?

on 5 day break with partner in Devon hotel – (single rooms)

First night whirring noise from room above for most of night - a noisy fan I think!

Complained and moved to a double-room. Next day they wanted to move me back but I refused. In fact I spent rest of stay in double-room.

I only paid single-room prices and after complaining to the manager was refunded £80. (one nights cost) I gave the £80 to the charity S.E.N.S.E.

Partner says have behaved unreasonably!

Which bit does your partner think is unreasonable? That you complained or that you donated the refund to charity?

I’d have complained too if noise prevented me from sleeping in a hotel. I complain politely if anything is not to my satisfaction - it’s only fair to given them a resolve the issue - either fix what is broken or move the guest to another room. If the resolution offered is satisfactory, that’s an end of it.

And if you choose to donate a refund to a charity, that is entirely your decision. I’m sure the charity are grateful.

did they fix the fan and then wanted to move u back? if yes then i think u r being unreasonable. however i have just read another reply of yours and guess u r low on patience just now? we all have bad days-hope you are feeling more tolerant soon… ellie