Great British Mobility

I am so upset ,tio cut a long story short I ordered a adjustable bed on rental from the Great British Mobility last August , of which I paid £442 depoist, when it arrived in NOVEMBER yes NOVEMBER it did not fit into my bedroom even though the saleman that came in August measured the space.Anyway they took the bed back and said they would give me a full refund . I even have this in writing.I have called several times and been told that they were dealing with itHowvever I called and finally spoke to someone today who informed me that the company have gone into adminstration and there is a chance i may get my money back or maybe not.

I am distraught as I borrowed money to by a different bed and now I have not even got that refund to depend on getting back.

Hi Felicia, well there is a chance you will get your money back, but it could take ages. The assets of the company will be sold and some of the debts paid, and the small debts like yours (I know it’s huge for you, but it’s probably small compared to some of their debts like rent etc) have a better chance of being paid.

You need to register the fact that they owe you money with the ‘reciever’. I think that they contact you but you need to find out more.

Anyone on here know more about it?

Try googling something like ‘company owes me money has gone into administration’. Something like that.

In the meantime I’m sorry to say there’s nothing you can do about it… unless you paid by credit card??? If you did you could get your money back from the credit card provider.

Sorry not better news for you,

Pat x