Woohoo Motability refund

I’ve just opened a letter which looked a bit official (always scares me!). It was a letter from Motability together with a cheque for £50. Apparently Lockdown meant there were less insurance claims so their premium went down. The saving they’ve decided to share. So all Motability customers will get a £50 refund.

It’s already paid into my account (scanned image works wonders!)

Good news just for a change.



Great news, Sue. Enjoy the bonus.

50 quid nice lift Sue. Treat your self to a nice dinner out.

Lovely surprise Sue. Last year our insurance company sent us a €10 voucher for the local supermarket. It expired without notice! Enjoy your spending :relaxed:

Nice :moneybag: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:

Sue, you should have got one last year too.
Jan x

I probably did - just forgot!! Brain fog strikes again.

There was the tiniest bit of my brain that wondered whether I’d had one last year. Since my husband, the only creature in this house with any degree of sensible cognitive function (the other two being me and the cat), didn’t mention it, I assumed it was just this year.

Sue :blush:

Yes just got mine, comes in handy. Good news for a change.



Mine arrived this afternoon, scanned it and it’s now in the bank :grinning:
Jan x

I got this too, but I didn’t know why. Paid direct into my account. Yay!!