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Just after some advice. I received an email from Motability today stating that I could apply for £60, something to do with Motability have paid out less in claims. I went onto the email link and they wanted me to give my bank details to receive the £60. Can someone tell me if this is genuine or a hoax, I suspect it is a hoax.

That sounds like a scam to me.

When Motability gave me a rebate, due to reduced driving, it was an automatic process without me needing to supply bank details.
Google Motability contact details and give them a call.

Go onto (removed by moderator) They are indeed giving £60 rebates following two £50 rebates last year but they’re NOT asking you to give bank details this way.

It’s genuine. They’re saying they’ll send you a cheque for £60 but if you’re registered for direct receipt of funds (you do have to provide your bank a/c details), you’ll get the ££ sooner and direct.

I’ve been talking to them today as my account details wouldn’t work. (They needed to change the way my name was registered on my Motability account.)

It’s 100% genuine. Just phone Motability and check it out with them.


To register for direct payment you have until Sunday. Otherwise you’ll still get the £60 but it will be a cheque and take possibly a couple of months rather than weeks.

The other thing is that once you’ve registered for direct payment, you’ll get your ‘good condition bonus’ at the end of your lease directly into your account too.

Nice one, now I feel like I am a cynical old Hector…

You are.

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The money may be genuine, but you should still be careful with any email as scammers will use any news to try to dupe people. Careful or cynical? You decide, but unfortunately scammers are cynical have no conscience and are very skilled.

I’ve just spoken to Motability again (there’s a slight problem with matching the name on my bank account with my Motability account). I put it to the customer service representative that many people are suspicious of their email. She completely understood the issue people have and agreed that we should all be careful; it’s our personal information.

Basically, their phone lines are quite busy due to the number of people checking the email out. But she reiterated what I said, give Motability a call, they’ll reassure you that in this instance, the email is genuine. If you do nothing and you’re a Motability customer, you will still get the £60 insurance windfall cheque through the post. If you want to change to direct payments, do it via their website rather than following the emailed link. That way you’ll perhaps feel a bit safer.

Whatever you do, you won’t miss out. Motability are the best charity, the fact that they are sharing their Covid insurance saving with their customers is brilliant.


Yup I have always been a bit cynical but I have also had my bank account emptied by a scamming git so tend to err on the side of caution.
I was heartened to hear that lots of people were trying to verify the info request with Motability.