Right gang, get a load of this…

my motability lease on my leccy wheelie is up on 13th Nov.

It`s cost me almost 4 chuffing thousand quid! I know…mistake…a costly mistake…what I could have done wi that brass, eh?

when I originally decided to get a new tilt and rise chair I went to a local Mob dealer and got the chair.

Its good in action...but the foam arm rests are crap....Ive had 3 replacements and got a new one ready to put on. They disintegrate when they get knocked.

So anyway, I was told my Motability to arrange collection of the chair with the dealer.

So i rang them this am and was told;

Oh you need to sort that out with Motability. Its their chair…not ours.

I said I had already been told what to do…he disputed it…then said he`d ring Motability and let me know. He actually then said he he didnt know what to do!

So I told him I would ring myself and then I`d know.

I rang…he is wrong.


I`m getting a Quickie Salsa from Wheelchair Services…free…