motability power chair

Have an Ivacare Spectra XTR from mobility had it for a year used it twice,it was a mistake should never have got it to big for me.I think would be better buying my own.does anyone know if it could be returned and under what circ umstances…Thankyou Marennis

The only thing I can think of is to ask where you got it from, they may buy it back off you or even exchange it for one that would suit you better.

Ask at mobility places they may be able to help you.


I would suggest calling Motability Customer Services – they have been very helpful to me regarding changing my car early.

I need to change my car because the existing one no longer meets my needs. I wonder if they have a similar clause with w/chairs. My first w/chair was too big and /I never felt like using it. I’ve got a Quikie Rumba now which is much more compact and easier to use.

Anyhow asking questions at motability commits you to nothing - the spectra is an outdoor chair perhaps you need an indoor/outdoor chair now???