not ms, just how stupid i am

I have foolishly remained friends with my ex partner. Listened to his grumbles. Listened to him say that he loves me. He suggested that we go away to the coast for the weekend with my daughter too. Suggested that we get a family room. Then he said that he loves me like he does his brother. That me and daughter will share double bed. There is no way he wants to share with me and I feel like a twit. He is involved with something at the coast and by sharing with me it reduces his costs and he wants us to go with him to watch him in the play ( a ready made fan club to make him look good no doubt) if I cancel I let my daughter down and lose my money but I’m definitely not happy. I need to get a grip and for valentines day I think I’ll send him a card saying I’ve come to my senses and realise nobody could love him more them he loves himself. Rant over

Thanks. Daughter loves nutty chocs so I’ll get those for me and her to share. Booing sounds good too.