um I kinda boobed (not MS)

Allo…are you coping in the heat? I`m staying indoors where it is a tad cooler.

Hey, looks like I have got some respite funding afterall!

So i tought I`d book a weekend in good old Blackers.

I asked my daily carer if shed like to take me, as my previous jollies have included tother 2 lasses.

Instead of booking our usual hotel, I thought Id be a bit more adventurous and try another, which described itself as being disabled friendly`. Plus it is in the town centre, whilst the other one is a good hike away and I can do without the extra trundling.

Ha! As you and I know only too well, when our disability gets as severe as meaning we need more than a widened door, that`s when those who think they offer good disabled facilities show their true colours!!!

So I make the call and check the dates are available…here`s how the conversation went;

Receptionist…Yes, we can do those dates. How many people are coming?

Me… like a twin room please…`I gave her time to log that in, before mentioning disability needs.

Her…Would that be a standard or a premium room?

Me…I need the room with disabled facilities please.. Do you have hoists?

Her…No, we dont, but the doors are widened and there is a wet room.

Me…Do you have a shower chair, please?

Her…Yes, there is one which flips up and down from the wall.

Me… No, I cant use those. Do you have a wheeled shower chair?`

Her…Um, er, I think we have one, but it only has wheels on 2 sides. Were not ally THAT kind of hotel`, she added.

Im thinking wtf! THAT kind hotel? I can just imagine being pushed in that shower chair and collapsing all over the place and needing burly firemen to pick me up off the floor..........maybe I shouldve taken the risk eh, but no…common sense prevailed,so I pressed on…

Me…Would it possible to hire the equipment I need locally?

Her…um I guess so

Me…Do you have a number?

Her…No, but if you...type in.....your you....have a..... computer?

Me…Yes, I do and I know what to do, thankyou.

So then I spend quite a chunk of time trying to find a company who could rent me a portable hoist and a wheeled shower chair.

One firm offered me a hoist at a full weeks rate, (expensive too) even though I only wanted it for the weekend..........fair enough I guess........they did have a shower chair, but not with wheels. I wondered how the chuff you get a portable hoist into a wet wouldnt fit, as they need a huge amount of leg widening space to do the job............used em before, so I know what I`m on about, missus! I left it at that.

Then I did find a firm who will deliver and collect, at just a weekend rate, a hoist and a WHEELED shower chair…hurray!!! And all for £60!

I rang the hotel back and booked the room. The same lady was a different lady, if you see what I mean!

All done…sigh of relief and then I realised…oh no…oh chuffin` no!

I had completey forgotten that I need a profiling bed too! Did I begin the search again? No, I chuffin` didnt.

I hope Ill cope for 2 nights on a regular bed and my poor carer wont be needing my wheelchair for the homeward journey!

Eeee, what a to do eh? What a chuffin` to do!

luv Polly. xxx

Oh dear Poll - sounds very lengthy process let’s hope you have a good time. I’m not liking this weather at all using a cooling necker but not providing me much relief today. I think I need to live in the ice hotel. Always wondered if you could use a wheelie in there :relaxed:

Oh Poll!

what a blinkin palaver!

You will need a holiday after all this organising

Hope you will manage the normal bed.

Have a nice time hun.


Hi, another different thing Ill be doing, is going on the train. have used the trains before, but not with fears about it. There will be taxis im sure.