It’s about time tour operators, hoteliers and businesses throughout the world woke up to that fact that people with disabilities can and do travel. We are currently in a four star plus hotel in Portugal (ok I know it’s popular with golfers, but they have wives, I’m one of those wives). We arrived yesterday. I don’t know how many hundred rooms there are, but none have an adapted bathroom, not even partially adapted. There is no accessible toilet in any of the public areas. Most of the shops, cafes have steps into them, I can’t even get into the supermarket!

The first challenge today was to try to get showered. The shower is over a deep bath, there are no rails, not that I can lift my legs over anyway. Getting up and down off the low loo is forming part of my daily exercise routine!

What’s more it’s not even sunny!

Rant over for now. There may be more to follow!


l think many of these countries do not expect the ‘disabled’ to want to come out of the house and join in with life. We are supposed to be the ‘little old ladies dressed in black’ - kept at the back of the houses. Quaint cobbled streets and hundreds of steps - are a big no - no.

l am still fighting for public footpaths to have gates - wide enough for my scooter - no kissing-gates or stiles.

l have been invited to dinner at a friends - they have steps up to the house - and no downstair loo. Hate to upset them - but l really do not feel l can manage it. Perhaps my daughter will go with her dad instead.

Do make sure that the hotel manager realises that his ‘facilities’ are not up to EU standards. And that his hotel business would really be successful if he made the necessary adjustments.

Hi hun.

Didn’t you do any research before you booked your holiday?

You may have seen posts and replies from me re this very subject.

There are companies who specialise in holidays for disabled.

I am using Enable Holidays. They have organised a 3 night break for me and a carer, to Barcelona in September. It is pricey, but hopefully worth someone else taking all the hassle for me.

Shame you’ve not got the facilities you need. But have a nice change anyway.


I’ve done lots of research for holiday places and have found the specialist companies helpful. Researching on my own though its very difficult to find out what facilities are available. Selecting wheelchair access in a search o n certain travel sites only seems to guarantee access into a property, not necessarily grab rails, wheel in showers etc. My tip is if you find a poss place, go to their home website and look at photos or contact direct. It seems like we are better in the UK at providing adapted holiday places than anywhere else - think we’ll be staying home in future, although considering a cruise!

The disabledholidayinfo website has some detailed info about UK Accommodation.

Of course I did some research, and we always use the same travel agent who is aware of my needs. We always use a tour operator rather than travelling independently so that we have back up in an emergency. That operator, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to name and shame them, via our travel agent took our booking in full knowledge of my needs. We’ve tried to contact the agent in resort on the two numbers we were given on arrival at the airport. An office number and an emergency number. There’s no reply on either! Good job there’s no emergency! We’ve not travelled with this tour operator before and will not do so again. There is a hotel nearby also used by this operator with adapted rooms, but as we can’t contact the company we can’t try to arrange to move.

The sun is shining now though, so at least I’m getting plenty of vitamin D!

Allo again. I’m sorry ,flowerpot, if I came over clever or mean. Of course you did your homework. Sorry.

Get lots of vit d, but slap on the factor 50.