Would anyone be tempted to do this?

Hi all, I just recently moved to colchester. I previously lived in Lincolnshire where I had already been waiting 6 weeks to see a Neurologist. I then had to be referred to a Neurologist in Colchester but had to start my wait from beginning again which could be another 6- 8 weeks. I’ve waited about for weeks so far and not an appointment letter through yet. Anyway I have my mail redirected from my old address and an appointment letter has just come though for my Neurology appointment in Lincolnshire for 2nd July. My partner told me to go and not say anything that I’ve moved and cross that bridge when we come to it. I know notes would be referred to my old GP whatever they may be but he might forward them on perhaps? And then still attend my Neurology appointment in colchester? They may have or may not have the same opinion. Is this crafty? Would anyone else be tempted to do this?

Crafty or not, I’m not sure you will actually gain anything by doing this. It’s going to be very limited what they can find out on a first visit anyway (I’m sorry, my memory is bad - would this be a first visit, or have you already seen a neuro?) So the most likely outcome, assuming they agree there’s definitely neuro stuff going on, is to be referred for further tests - MRI etc. But where are you going to be referred? It’s unlikely the Lincolnshire neuro can request tests from another health authority altogether, so are you going to keep travelling back to Lincolnshire to have the tests, and to discuss results - which could be multiple visits, over several months, not just one or two? If you’re already feeling unwell with an undiagnosed neuro problem, I should have thought the last thing you want is to set yourself up for repeated commutes to another part of the country.

Also, I think it’s a good idea to have continuity of care. If you start with a neuro you know you cannot possibly be staying with in the long term, you will just have to start again with someone new. Yes, the records of the Lincolnshire neuro’s findings from first examination should be transferable, but the new neuro will undoubtedly want to make his own examination anyway, so what will you have achieved?

Tempting as it may be, I don’t see a massive gain by doing this.



Hi, I think you could end up very muddled and mixed up if you attend both Colchester and Lincolnshire clinics.

It would be best to keep to one or the other.

Why not ring the Colchester neuro dept and explain the issue? Then you need to cancel the Lincs appt.


I’m sorry but all I see is confusion, so I personally wouldn’t do it. My life is confusing enough lol. Good luck, whatever you decide :slight_smile:

Hi all thanks it was a mad moment of thought. Just not having a good time of things recently. Feel like ive been waiting forever to see a Neurologist. I know there are a few on here that have not had good experiences and not been satisfied with there first Neuro appointments and get second opinions and some even go private for their first consultation before going back over to NHS just to get seen to quicker. Not sure what I was hoping to gain from doing this, maybe some reassurance perhaps, putting my mind at ease from a few worries I have as I don’t know how much longer I will have to wait for my Neuro appointment in this area. Perhaps thinking one might fob me off when the other could really help by carrying out more scans and tests ect. Silly thought i know. Guess I will leave it and wait xx