Private Neurologist referral

Hi all

My GP referred me to a Neuro about a month ago. As much as I said I would always prefer to use NHS I am tempted to see a private Neuro.

I don’t have money to burn so was wondering, if I do have a private initial appointment does it speed things up much or make much difference than if I was to wait for the initial appointment from the NHS?

thanks for anyone help

gosh yes i went private first time round. from waiting six months i saw him in TWO DAYS. It was about 100.00 then for the full half hour and he was brilliant treated me very respectfully and did loads of tests. weirdly enough he was my doctor all through with the NHS too lol. and now and then i would see him privately. its well worth the money.

Thanks very much… the waiting is the worst part!

I’d say it’s worth it too. Saw mine privately as the wait was 18 weeks. Then he transferred me to his NHS list and all my tests etc have been done on the NHS.

I would say go for it if you can, BUT it is not always worth it. I went privately twice, the first time the only benefit was a cup of coffee, carpet and a handshake, the neurologist was just as useless as when I saw him via NHS.

The second time , I saw a different neurologist who was really good, I have complete confidence in him. He then referred me to his NHS practice so I can now see a great neurologist with no significant cost.

Good luck


Thanks for your replies…

If it wasn’t for my job I’d be tempted to hold on but my job is so demanding (physically and mentally) and when my symptoms are bad it makes it all really difficult. A few days ago I phoned in sick for the first time in 5/6 years because I was just so exhausted and felt like I had been hit by a bus, I told them I had been sick as felt they wouldn’t get how exhausted I felt and was worried they just think I was saying I’m too tired!



Serious fatigue is so hard to understand unless you have experienced it, feeling THAT tired is a genuine sickness. I taught my colleagues & HR team that when I used the term “banjaxed” it was so much more than tired or exhausted and they treated me accordingly. There is an element of trust and communication required to keep everyone safe.