Worst 2 weeks ever!

Where do I start? Was diagnosed with MS 2 weeks ago after 18 months of investigations. Have now been referred to the MS team (yet another wait). Why’s really topped my fortnight off is, my husband left me. Talk about kicking me while I’m down. I feel lost, lonely and basically unloveable. I have wonderful friends but I feel so alone not only dealing with my diagnosis but my future seems bleak. Any advice will be much appreciated? It’s nice being out of limbo land, but where do I go from here?

Thanks for your kind words. Today he really twisted the knife by saying that I’m not fit to be a mother and my kids are basically watching me die and I’ll only end up mentally scarring them. Can’t believe I got him so wrong!! 10 Yeats with him and he turns out to be the complete opposite to who I thought he was. Guess MS changes your life and shines a true light on others. Better find out now I guess .

I am sorry that you are having such a wrenchingly painful time. Sometimes all a person can do is to batten down the hatches and weather the storm as best she can, and this sounds like one of them. Hang on in there.


My friends keep telling me it’s just not true and hea throwing it all at me I’m hoping time will heal. Thank you for all your kind words

Eee love, what a horrendous time you’re having.

This poor excuse for a man has shown his true colours.

As painful as this new diagnosis is, him leaving will make you stronger in the long run.

Hang in there hun. I’m so glad you have such good friends.

We are here for you too.

Look after yourself.

Luv Pollx

Thank you all. It’s has been an awful fortnight for both me and my children. I think hurting me is one thing hurting my kids when they needed him too was just horrendous. I doubt I’ll ever forgive him for hurting them. Kath xx

Hi Kath,

There is a lot of poor excuses for human beings out there. My daughters ex is the same. It makes my blood boil the mess he has left her in. Although her physical health is fine, I fear for her mental health. That’s why I am there at the end of the phone for her. I maybe can’t do much physically to help her but I am there to support her.

I hope you have someone that will listen to you and give advice when you need it. I’ll say to you what I say to my daughter when yet another crisis unfolds is it will get better and you will come out of this much stronger.

Mags xx