Worrying image...

My most comfortable part of the day is the back garden in the evening, the house is boiling hot and v.v. unpleasant Worrying image! I see myself in a rocking chair gently ‘rocking’ on the porch of ‘the Waltons’ Shock horror I’m grandma Walton, in could be worst? You think!.. Yip Granny Clampett with a shotgun, OWL soup anyoneM

… just dont get the tartan travel blanket out !

Hahaha M… I used to love the Waltons!

I sat for a while in garden yesterday… but even with cushions on bench my bum really hurt after a while! Now I’m used to memory foam recliner my bum doesn’t like any other seating!

Don’t forget to chew tobacco while you’re sitting in the rocker…

Pat xx

Can’t get comfy anywhere except my soft armchair so I’m stuck in our boiling hot lounge! Phew! Teresa xx

I stagger so much that I look drunk at times - that’s at work and my current contract is at a bank! That’s partly why I gave in to getting a walking stick.

Today, in the heat, even using the stick I think I was walking like John Wayne, or a toddler in a nappy… depends how you look at it really :wink:

I have my Hotter shoes (they are NOT hot looking, tho admittedly comfy!) and through lack of high heels ability, or even low heels for that matter, added to the heat, I’m amassing a lot of baggy linen trousers for work. I worry I might not recognise myself in the mirror at this rate.

Ooops, that wasn’t meant to be gloomy but actually, I look a fright right now and I don’t really care! :wink:

Sonia x

Hi folks, don’t look in the damned mirror it’s too horrible. I wobble like mad and joke about it but do you know what? You know I’m going to tell you, it hurts, I hate it BUT what is the alternative not going out, not holding on to our live?No way, keep cool guysyou know you are loved here be brave/strong M

Hope this works my darlings… I urge you all to watch it… turn that volume up and sing along…


Pat x I think we should have it as our anthem!!!

Sassy BasseyI love it

Yep, definitely up for not giving a damn right now, just way too hot and puffy.

On the flipside, I keep being told how well I look but I’m sure that’s just down to the stress-relief of knowing what the hell’s going on at last! Oh, and my hair looks fab apparently (I say that tongue in cheek as I was a bit shellshocked when a guy at work told me my hair looked beautiful, even my colleagues clocked it), - that’s down to being too lazy and hot to style it so been going mad with toni & guys Twist it, Curl it balm and leaving it to nature.

Sonia x

Great to have compliments Sonia - that must have made you feel good. My husband actually said " I like your hair longer like that" today. I nearly fell over in shock. We have been married nearly 24 years! Teresa xx

You know what? It may be too hot and a nightmare for mobility but I’m so pleased I can get out into the sun on my Tramper and go to the allotment with my wife and daughter. The only bad bit is “The Cabaret!” That is trying to unweld my seized limbs off the scooter and back into the house. I’ll be out again tomorrow-b*****ks to this disease! Best wishes, Steve.

We actually have attitude/style/courage/humour… I would almost be moved to tears must be my hormonesTake care guys, be safe M