Obsessing on self

Obsessing and raising a smile! I think (yes, I do sometimes) that some of us have too much eh! time on our hands. I do how ever wish all our folks a good week. Who knows what might pop if you stopped worrying about things! Take care folks, be safe and whatever your up to good luck, M x

May the force be with you, take care, be safe M x

Hi M, i’m smiling today. Tim

Good on you Tim, take care, M

…and i had a bad cold last week, which gave my antibodies something else to attack for a change, rather than my nervous system. So im ok too :slight_smile: Well i was… now my cold going, the antibodies are bored again and are ready to gang up on my nerve endings once again :frowning:

I’m smiling too! Thinking about the tennis yesterday at Queens Club - did anyone see the charity matches? They were great fun.

Hilary x

I thought I looked pretty cool when I went out on mobility scooter today… then I caught my reflection in shop window. Overweight 60 year old (well almost 60) woman with out-of-control hair and wearing strange combination of naff clothing.

Yep, that’s what I saw… and you know what… I didn’t give a hoot.

I’m off on a day trip to Walton-on-the-Naze on Wednesday. It’s our annual outing at the sheltered scheme. Taking wheelchair and then have hired a scooter for when I get there. Have wheels will travel.

And so to bed…

Have a good week everyone,

Pat xx

Word of advice, don’t look at reflections or mirrors! Sometimes friends tend to readjust my collar/jacket whateve! my problem is, I’m that pleased to be standing and moving around I don’t care. I know it may frighten the faint hearted

Enjoy the outing Pat…what will you be wearing?

Striped cloth cap, blue spotted blazer, 1 yellow sock and 1 red one, a white silk straight skirt, and a pair of bright green wellies? no, that`s me!

luv Pollx

Hi, I am smiling too…a bit of sunshine can do that!

I also feel good if I can help anyone out who is worrying about stuff.

I get the help back when it`s my turn to need soothing.

No man (or woman) is an island!


Not sure what’s wrong with ‘May the force be with you’ but queued again and disapeared, spooky Mulder?

Hi guys, problem posting AGAIN be safe and take care M

Hi Poll, I wore dark brown roll up trousers, bright blue linen top (very loose to hide all my lumps and bumps!) and straw stetson hat!

Unfortunately the bright blue top was rather loose esp in the neck area. When I got back on coach a couple of women wanted to look at my new wheelchair cushion.

I was bending forward showing it to them and when I looked up I saw two chaps on the coach looking at me and smiling. Realised they could see right down my top! (thank God I was, for once, wearing a bra!).

When I (quietly) told the manager this on way home we laughed so much that I got the damned Hug!

Pat xx

I am fine now I have been into hospital for a rehab session and I am or was fighting fit but the day after I tell someone I actually feel almost human I get a UTI still any excuse to devour more antibiotics. I am up again today and dont care what the MS demon throws at me coz I am outta bed and you cant keep a good man down. I am sure I will soon be running and skipping like a spring lamb.

Hi another uti for me, I think.

Got a gp tel appt shortly!


SNAP !! Nina x

Ive got more anti-bs, have you?


Plenty fluids folks, you knew that already! I’m off on holiday so take care of yourselves no smileys but (-: xxx M

Have a lovely holiday M, Teresa xx

Hi Poll, Yes I have…AND…surgery finally agreed to let me keep spare pack at home, only taken two years for MS nurse to get them to agree. So pleased, makes recovery time so much quicker if I get the antibiotics quickly…can be as much as two weeks difference for me aside from everything else going haywire because of the infection and raised temp. Now all I need to do is get them to agree to give me them for chest infections too…hi ho! Have a good Sunday Poll Nina x