Worryingly slow..

Hi folks

Is anyone else getting worryingly slow? I am lucky if I get to first gear speed, when the world is spinning round in 4th/5th! I mean mentally and physically, how are we doing forum wise? Lots of our friends are not finding the site so easy to negotiate.

Lets take time to smell the flowers, there’s always a welcoming ear here. Take care and very best wishes for 2012, there is hope out there, M

Hi M, yeah had hospital appointment the other day. Huge hospital (North Middlesex). Took my walker which I can sit on… just as well as it was a bit of a marathon getting to the right department. But yes… everyone was whizzing past me. It’s like I was living in a different time zone to eveyone else. One woman kindly held a door open for me but I could sense her inpatience as I approached the door at a snail’s pace (not her fault poor woman, she was at work and no doubt in hurry and she did her best to hide inpatience).

After my appointment I managed to find the cafe and had a coffee and a bite to eat. Felt like I was having a proper day out. Then the rest of marathon to main exit to get a taxi. Got almighty was exhausted by that time.

I am slow in every way… but hey… lovely sunny day here… lying in bed with laptop and coffee… it’s good stuff. Happy 2012 to you too.

Pat x

yes seems like everything is an uphill struggle, made soup and now nackered.

Hi folks

Good to know that I am not alone, actually if we can get our heads round this maybe we are the lucky ones? As long as ‘they’ don’t knock me down I will continue on my slow journey with some rather nice friends

Take care and very best wishes, M

My walking is so slow now, it’s at a snail’s pace. I can sense everyone’s impatience as they pass me and if I am in a queue, having to juggle my stick, my handbag and my purse, they are looking daggers at me. Ho hum, what can you do? Teresa xx

Yes, I’m now extremely slow. In London’s frenzied streets and underground stations, it does take a certain steely resolve to continue stubbornly at my own pace despite people whizzing in all directions. It is a bit like having strayed into a speeded-up film. The walking stick generally gives people a strong signal that I’m not going to be as quick or as agile as they want me to be, and most people are very considerate. One big advantage of moving at such a glacial pace is that I get to enjoy looking at the buildings around me much more thoroughly than I used to - I get more time to relish them and enjoy their beautiful decorative detail. Soho is particularly beautiful in this respect.


The tortoise and the hare, even my brain works more slowly especially when I’m tired BUT onwards folks. Take care, M

Hallo folks ,

been a while since I’ve been here so a belated happy new year to you all , I’ve found that for me the rest of the world goes at nearly 3X my speed but

when I’m in my wheelchair the world goes slightly more to my pace BUT some idiots ( and I do mean idiots ) still look upon us slow walkers/wheelers with

distain , as if their lives are being so held up because they might delayed by …ooohhh…seconds ! I had an instance before christmas where a woman in my

local Boots , who was laden with shopping , asked if she could queue cut me ( in my wheelchair) because she was “very busy ,as I’m a business woman” . I

had one bottle of perfume for my beloved . So who can guess my “polite” refusal ?

As for the slow mental side , I tend to frequent only local shops now where everyone is aware of my brain farts as I call them so the patience shown

is that of a very saintly saint …but I ramble people , I suppose we all face the same problems in unique guises so there seems to be many ways to cope ,

two of my favourites are to make the people guilty of being impatient to see me shake my head as it usually gets the point over or , and this is my favourite

favourite , all time favourite favourite …say very loudly “sorry for holding you up but my crutches/wheelchair are/is very tired after the long walk they/it has had!”

…so yeah , going slow is pretty common to most of us I think , there are a lot of people who recognize we have a disabilty and dont mind and there are

those who dont , so , sod them !

Anyway ,take care people and keep the faith


Hi folks

How is it that here we understand what goes on with this damn disease AND still we function at whatever speed and get on with life!! Thanks for being here guys, hope you have a good day, M

Hi, yes I do get what you mean.

But since I slowed down and sitting in a wheelie, I notice things others higher up, miss.

The poem;

`what is this life so full of care

we have no time to stand (or sit in my case) or stare

no time to sit beneath the clouds and stare as long as sheep or cows

a poor life this if full of care

we have no time to stand and stare`

sums it up perfectly, don`t you think?

luv Pollx

Eeee all this faff Pat and there`s your lovley scooter sitting at home!

luv Pollx

So true Poll. I never take the damn thing to bits so have no idea how you do it so wouldn’t be able to get it in taxi. Then I’d never been to that hospital before so didn’t know accessability etc etc.

Excuses excuses. But you know what Poll… I sort of didn’t know that my walking is as bad as it is. I make light of it above but actually was quite shocked at how slow I was. I suppose because I generally only walk inside my flat and inside this building (which is all flat with hand-rails etc)… so when I was ‘out there’ I was a bit shocked. There was a part of me that was saying ‘stop hamming it up and walk’ but my legs wouldn’t do it.

Hey ho. I will I will I will learn to take the scooter to bits and put it together again…

Hope you’re doing ok hon.

Pat x

I went swimming this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Hubby had to help me from the changing cubicle to the pool. When we went in the pool it was great - he said the water was freezing but I couldn’t feel a thing! I swam a few lengths, slowly but without too much of a problem. Hubby helped me outof the pool after about 20 minutes or so - the school kids were due and we wanted to avoid them. My legs were so wobbly but I got changed and got home for a rest. But my legs are still so wobbly, I’m bouncing from one wall to another as I make my way from one room to another. It just feels as if my left leg is going to give way and it’s so heavy.

I’m just going to have to sit, watch TV and not move! (But I did enjoy the freedom!)

Sarah x

We bounce and we wobble, but may I quote a piece of my favourite poem?

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud

Under the bludgeoning of chance

My head is bloody , but unbowed

Take care folks M

This poem has seen me through some hellish times AND with little doubt there will be more BUT ‘My head is bloody, but unbowed’.