The Funny Side of MS.

You ask yourself is there  FUNNY side to MS?

Yes I belive there is,because if you dont laugh at yourself you will cry.

I see the funny side and make myself and others smile by mocking myself,because somethings I do are to me funny.

I had gone into the small local town a few weeks ago for a doctors visit.To me it was a day of people using crutches,cains and elderly people with walkers,the walkers with the seat on,I would love one of these to use at home but alas I cannot afford one.

Anyways I had lent against the COOP wall for a little rest when an elderly lady with her walked sped past me,she turned and smiled at me.I thought her grin appeared a little wicked.I then thought your bragging in your head that your faster than me with your walker.Gosh I noted that everyone using a walking aide was faster than me.Am I realy that slow?

I smiled to myself.

Then I had to go to the emergency dentist as I waited for the little green man to appear an elderly lady with a walker was on the other side of the crossing both of us waiting while others disregaurded the red man and rushed across the road.Well the green man changed and the beeps started,the eldery lady and I started across the road and as we got closer she smiled at me and of course I smiled back and her words were these lights are not made for us,they change so quick.Yup we both stuggled to get across the road before the green man turned red.I agreed with her.

BUT who do you think made it across the road to the other side first?

YES,the elderly lady with her walker.If we were having a race an elderly lady in her 70s beat me.

To many they think how sad,to me it made me smile to think I couldnt fight my way out of a wet paper bag BUT our older community is fighting fit and god bless them.

I am slower than a slug only I dont leave a trail hehehehe....

Hi, I love that story, made me laugh me too.

Yes, you have to laugh don’t you, I like a laugh too.

You might have a laugh at this story about my husbands 94 year old granny, she stays in sheltered housing, is very slow and unsteady on her feet but she doesn’t use her walking aides. She is still faster than me. When we visited a month or so ago she had deteriorated to the stage where I was now (just a little bit) quicker than her.

My husband noticed and commented on it too, lol.


Charyl bless you,I am giggling at your story to.

And yes we have to see the funny side of life,but hey your now winning the race.Word of advice though,dont get her a walker or she will fly past you again.


Lol, Charlie, she actually fell a week or so ago and broke her pelvis and is in hospital at the moment.

Thing is she had a stick and a walker but refused to use them.

I think everyone in tat sheltered housing complex walks faster than me but I just have a laugh about it.


Ahhh bless her,she should get better I know a broken hip takes time to heal but the hospital will get her up and moving as soon as possible,I hope she recovers soon and encourage her to use her walker.

Same here,I think every elderly person walks faster than me,they fly past....

Thanks, yes she is in a rehabilitation ward so they will get her up. Bet she’s faster than me again in no time.


Ahh bless her that is a good sign for her recovery.