New Podcast about the funny side of MS


If you are looking for a spot of light relief in these strange times, from somebody who might know what life is like for you, we have started a podcast about the funny side of MS. We’ve both had MS for over 10 years, so have quite a few funny tales to tell! Here are some details and a link to our trailer and you tube channel:

Multiple Shenanigans

A poet and a comedian both with Multiple Sclerosis meet to chat, life, escapades and the funny side of the illness. And they laugh. A lot.

Occasionally informative, often anecdotal, always ridiculous, Lytisha and Jeanette hope to uplift and entertain. Join them as they discuss the challenges and hilarities of living with the unpredictability which is, a sometimes invisible, sometimes very visible disability.

Hope you like it!

Jeanette and Lytisha xx

Well I’m sorry but as far as I’m concerned, there IS no funny side to ms. Hilarities???

It sneaks into your life like a thief in the night, and when you think there’s nothing left to take, it comes back and takes something else.

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Completely agree with Poppy. Yes, we used to be a bit mental on the Brain Fog thread and it was funny as hell (sometimes!). But finding MS and it’s many varied symptoms funny, just isn’t.

It is possible that you are just wording your thread in a peculiar way and that actually you are laughing at life generally, not at MS itself.



i felt i wass watching a private convo! i understand the cocept of using humour to get by with most things. eg billy connolly

and his see thrue pee catchers hilarious but i konow others dobt find that funny. i have seen many comedians ove the years

an my family now ask if he/shwe was funny followed by how many pads funny?! some here will think thats not funny-i undetrsand that.

what i did watch of you my pad remained dry…

who is your intended ‘audience’? it would take, in my opinion, a very good comedian to make ms funny for those with ms and thwir carers and joe pubklic.

laughing at ms or those with it may imply it not serious? those who are very disabled know otherwise-those in earlt days soon realise how it impacts on their life.

i wish you well and hope thayt you find the folk who will laugh with youu.



Oh Ellie

That’s really well said. I completely agree. And I like the idea of things being funny equated to how many pads get wet!

Hopefully the original posters can take your constructive criticism as a positive way of making their podcast accessible and maybe amusing for a variety of people, with and without disability/MS.


Lighten up peeps, personally I think we should take the piss out of ourselves more often. If not, what are we left with? A life of tedium and misery. I rip the sh*t out of myself as often as possible, so do my friends and family, and being referred to as Ironside still gives me a chuckle. If we lose the ability to laugh what else is there?

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I haven’t watched the videos – they only open as a 3 cm screen with no sound – but I think Jeanette has something here. I much prefer my daughter’s lame jokes when I’m bouncing off the walls to Mum’s concern that I’ll hurt myself. If you can’t laugh at yourself when you topple over backwards, then what’s the point of life?

Maybe I feel differently because I seldom have extreme pain and am still ambulatory, but I have no intention of taking all this so seriously that I can’t laugh about the wet pants or the unbrushed hair or running around with my slippers on the wrong feet because I couldn’t feel the difference.




to give you a clearwer idea of my laughometer…

most live shows that i used to attemd were approx 2 hours.

one pad change-normal/epected

2 clean pads funny

3 changes indicates not only a wet pad but a wet facw too as that means i am literally crying withlaughter


Turned it off after 10seconds. As funny as watching paint dry.


Good point.