I don't laugh as much..?

The brain fog, confusion, horrible stress, and constant fatigue has resulted in myself I feel like I am losing the ability to laugh and make jokes.

I don’t feel nearly as “fast” and I feel like that also has impacted my laughing / joking. Speaking alone sometimes feels like hard work, let alone the strength it would take to be silly like I used to. If I indeed do have MS, I want to take my sense of humor with me.

Does anyone relate to any of this? Do you still laugh and joke as much as you ever did? Perhaps even more? Maybe less?

Wishing you all the very best. x

Hi Shiller

I know exactly what you mean - I think I’m still as much fun as I ever used to be but in company can’t seem to keep up with the laughs, I seem to think of a great thing to say about five hours later!

However, keeping a great sense of humour really helps with MS - last week I had one of my ‘moments’ and planted a new rose in the garden upside down. It took me five days to work out what was wrong - I knew something was wrong but I just couldn’t work it out. I wouldn’t mind but I am a very experienced gardener of 40 years so it’s not as if I didn’t know what I was doing. My two sons keeping laughing about it and so do I - I find it helps to laugh, it really does!



I have always had a positive attitude through my life,my brain has never been incontrol of my mouth.I am the joker in the pack always have been.I still joke,laugh and smile.I know I have so many horrible symptoms and very bad days,but when it comes to my child,family and friends I have become a good actress.I put that big stupid grin on my face and again I am the joker in the pack.Even when I am so ill and want to cry most days I do NOT want to drag my child,family and friends down.I dont want them to hurt in any way.

Yes brain fog mangles my brain most days and I cannot think what I need to do that day or beyond.I am just a positive person and I am fighting this as much as possible.If my family and friends do see me upset then its just I have had enough and need a hug.

I WILL keep smiling and make everyone else smile.I thrive on making others happy,seeing them all smile makes me so happy and I feel I have done my job well.


Hehe! These responses are making me really beam. <3 They are very uplifting and encouraging and I am inspired!

Shiller,life goes on babe and always will,it just means we have to fight a little harder to do so…

Yes we will always have them real bad days BUT we have to ride the storm so to speak,keep fighting even when we are suffering.

Life is what we ourselves make it.With a bit of support from others we can be so happy.


You are amazing JellyBean <3 thank you from the bottom of my heart! You cheered me right up! xxx

Shiller you to are amazing.And you are very welcome.

Keep fighting you will get there.


Hi Shiller. I too dont have a dx yet, but totally agree with you. Its like I just cant keep up with things. Its like my brain is one step behind everyone else :frowning: In my family we always laugh off everything and I try really hard to feel ‘normal’ and laugh along, but its like when you are the only one who doesnt get the joke! My children still take the mick out of me when I have asked them the same question 7 times in a row, (and I still dont remember what the answer was!) and tho its all good natured, sometimes I do feel the odd one out. But I laugh still, as I have to believe laughing will get me through all this …fog…?

Good luck to you all; and remember we are all the amazing people we always have been, but we just need a little more time to keep up :smiley: xx