Funny ways around things...what are yours...?

Ok so Ive been inspire by another post! And decided that even though MS is horrible, SOMETIMES… you just have to try and look for some humor in it all, otherwise youd just cry!

So of course with MS, there are a lot of things that we take for granted that become shall we say ‘difficult’ lol what are some of your funny ways around everyday things that you find hard work… or some things you have learnt I shall start with a few of mine!

  1. Putting socks on!

I have to lift my leg, wedge it under my elbow so I have both hands free to put the sock on! Must look real interesting to anyoine watching! Contortionist in the making! lol

  1. Gettin legs in trousers…

Ok so Ive figured out, if I get the leg hole in just the right position, I can have a leg in the air for approx half a second at best before im likely to just topple over. So… leg hole open, brace yourself, deep breath and GO!! Aim, leg up, drop towards the hole and… ‘oh damn, missed it!’. Take 2: Brace, breath and GO again! Aim, leg up, drop it in the hole… 'Yes, its in! Ohh…here i go sideways…

…note to self, if your toppling sideways DONT grab a sliding cupboard door… absoilutely no use at all!

Just 2 of my less finer moments in a day lol

P. x

& I was thinking… my walking is terible, and Id rather be ‘normal’ but just think, anyone else that wants to walk like this has to drink so much theyre sick… and theyyyyy have to PAY for it!! I get to look drunk for free!


You’ve broken the first rule of MS.

Sit down to put your trousers on

I learned this the hard way when I got tangled in a heap – one leg in one leg out tottering towards the wardrobe mirror and disaster. I still topple over when I’m sitting on the bed but at least it’s a soft landing!

Know what you mean about the socks though – when my dog was a puppy he used to like joining in this activity turning it into a major debacle.


My up and over garage door is weighted, so once it starts moving, it keeps going - I can’t get out of the way before it clunks me in the head, so I stand at the side, hold onto the wall, hook the handle of my walking stick under one of the struts on the back of the door and pull - I unhook the stick as the door comes down, and if it doesn’t go all the way, the stick gets used again, vertically to push it closed. I must look ridiculous, but I don’t care, my head isn’t sore this way and I’ve worked out a way of doing it by myself

Luisa x

LOL! yeah it took me ages to figure out I should just sit down… now i get everything ready… and put everything for lower half on at once then stand up and pul it all up… otherwise; like when i first figured it out; we play yoyo!!

SIT DOWN - put on - stand up - pull up - SIT DOWN - put on - stand up - pull up… was knackered by the end of it!

But hey, I guess its a learning process! lol


Mine has to be speech! Spoonerisms are now a daily occurence! Some have been absorbed into our home as normal convo-such as knocks and snickers!

Also describing a word-such as-you know the square thing that u put stuff in-thats a box!

Memory-although very distressing to start with I have now just learned to ask-Did I look as if I enjoyed myself? If reply is yes then thats good enough for me. I cant force myself to remember-or indeed choose what I want to forget-so its helped me live in the now. Arguement? Ach-doesnt matter-its in the past. Some say niave-I say beneficial as it saves alot of unecessary worry re things that I have no control over-puts life into perspective for me.

On a physical level-I can use my nose to dial numbers on phone-or a pen in my mouth to press the numbers. My fave has to be when I was really poorly-lost complete use of both arms-but I was determined I was to go a concert I had a ticket for. Carer arrives as usual, didnt want my meal,I asked her to get my legs shaved and get me dressed! She obligued. That night Jo Brand had no idea that there was a woman sitting in the audience wearing a long skirt and no knickers! I DID have to go to the loo-straddling the seat then shaking and kicking the door for someone to open it for me worked! But was well worth it!

I have said on here before that I dont fight MS-thats a losing battle in my opinion. Its going to happen-so I prefer to accept and find an alternative way to live my life. Its not as I planned but I do enjoy a challenge!

Ellie x

PS On reading this back over I have lost count of the number of times I got letters/spelling of words back to front (or is that front to back?!)… Think I corrected them all. …*sigh

Shaving my legs is very interesting these days!! Definitely need to invest in a non-slip bath mat!! I can’t stand up and bend over to shave them but I have a tap/shower switcher type affair and have to pull myself up and down the bath to switch between functions so I don’t end up just washing the shaving gel off!! Had a couple of almost backward flips in the bottom of the bathtub!! I have to giggle when I end up in knots!! Ophelia xx

“That night Jo Brand had no idea that there was a woman sitting in the audience wearing a long skirt and no knickers! I DID have to go to the loo-straddling the seat then shaking”

I too have had to give up these tricky little items of clothing! No cheecky little red or black numbers for me just the ‘fur bikini’.

However if I am going out and am not too sure about availability of ‘convienient conveniences’ I have taken to wearing Tena lady as it gives me peace of mind that any indiscretions are covered! My problem isn’t just putting them on but as I have lost most of the use of my left hand/arm getting them down and up again is a problem in its self.

Given up baths - had to go for a low level access shower - all my necklaces now have magnetic fasteners - my clothes go over my head without fasteners (forget layering I only have enough energy for one layer) - flat shoes with velcro fasteners. Opening mail is a nightmare and putting cards/letters into envelopes brings on a bout of fury until hubby rescues me before I explode!

Still we are still taking part in the ‘human race’ even if we know that there is no way we will win!!!

Good luck to all. Ann

Lol… I darent attempt sit in a bath again… last time I thought i was stuck. Took me 15 mins to figure out how on earth i was gunna get out!

Ive figured out the leg shaving tho, cause hubby doing it is just odd… the trick is 1 leg in the bath… 1 leg outr the bath, one hand t grip the bath n the other for the razor!

You could try a bath board? The things that sit on top of the bath rim, across the way - you can sit on it and do your legs then, a little more stable maybe than what you describe?

Luisa x

Putting knickers on…I put them on the floor first and then put my feet in the holes, then hook a finger in the edge and hoik them up 'til they reach the end of their journey! Also, when my hair gets in the way and I need to put it up out of the way with a bobble, I often cannot twist the elastic. I give up or if my husband is there he has to do it. He has had to learn this recently as we have no daughter so he has had no practice. Teresa xx

Oh I loved this - it all sounds so familiar


I usually end up on the floor anyway

;-))) Mary

Me too Mary, Teresa xx

I would just like to say a huge thank you for all of your stories and comments, its wonderful to hear people being so humourously positive about the adaptations you have made and funny experiences along the way. Reading these posts have made me laugh to the point of tears…though that could be down to the emotional symptons ive been experiencing lately, either way it made me smile :slight_smile: H x

I was speaking to my manager one day about having MS. She asked me “what is the thing that worries you the most just now with work” I thought for a minute and said “incontinence” she paused for a minute and said “don’t worry it’s an old carpet anyway” …I laughed quite a lot!

Hi, why not compile a book…`A day in the life of an MSer``

luv Pollx

LOL Julesac…

MS43 - That woukd be funny! I might even try it! Lol… love writing!

While examining me for rectal muscle “power” doc said; “It’s not unusual to get an erection while having this test” I quickly said; “I haven’t got an erection!” He said; “no but I have”

Couldn’t resist this one --sorry Help!

Diagnosed with MS Feb 2012 I was told This particular stage is usually found in 20 to 30 year olds. I’m 58 and totally confused!