Strange things you do because of your MS....

Yesterday I found myself leaning down from my wheelchair, extending my arm, taking a photo of the meter reading from my phone as I cannot get down on the floor anymore…and get up! Sure we all have unusual ways of doing certain tasks! Could have asked a friend I suppose!

That’s the sort of thing I’d do. My garage door is weighted so that when it starts to move, it doesn’t really stop (esp when closing). After shutting the garage door on my head because I can’t move out of the way fast enough, I now stand at the side of the door, lean against the garage, hook my walking stick handle into the strut on the back of the garage door, and pull. I can get the stick unhooked before the door is too far down, and if it hasn’t gone far enough, I can then use the stick vertically to encourage the door all the way down so that it is shut. I don’t know what my neighbours think, and to be honest, I don’t care, I don’t intend to keep bashing myself in the head with the door, and I’m determined I’ll do things myself! There’s usually a way round things if you use your imagination.

Luisa x

Ha I like your style!