Just realised how slow I've become.

Hi everyone, decided to venture out today to a local wildlife park and I’m shocked at just how slowly my legs want to move these days. I only spent about an hour and a half there, having a few sit downs along the way but by the end my leg muscles felt like they were seizing up and at one point I thought they were just going to stop dead as one leg didn’t seem to want to move in front of the other. I was so embarrased as a group of elderly ladies were trying to overtake me ( narrow pathway ) and were tutting at my slowness. That’s a first for me!

You’ve just been tutted by the pensioner mafia! Got to love those old ladies but boy do they hate to be kept waiting. It takes about 4 minutes longer to drive my wheelchair onto the bus than it does for an able body to get on board but I get lots of tuts and black looks because the bus is slowed down by the sheer audacity of my wanting to get to the shops.

Don’t be embarrassed or bullied – you have the right to be slow in the sunshine!

Yes it’s the old ladies who give me the most grief, although must say some are very kind and helpful.

I do hope you get on well with the Rebif and have you been given steroids after your last relapse I’m wondering, some relapses can take an awfully long time to get over.

Good luck with it all fudgey, one thing i’ve had to learn since being dx is we have to have lots of lots of patience.

Wendy x

I experienced the pensioner mafia a while back. I was toddling slowly on the path out of my GP’s surgery.

I was asked to move out of the way so an old man on a mobility scooter could overtake me. I had to step off the path, regain my balance, step back onto the path and regain my balance again. But, I saved him a few seconds of his life driving behind me so that’s what’s important isn’t it?!?! The path is only about 15 meters long anyway!

Thanks for replies everybody, I’m getting on ok with Rebif Wendy, been on it for 5 months. Just my rotten luck to get a relapse one month in which is dragging on . Neuro gave me steroids on Aug 5th but unfortunately they haven’t worked, arm is still spasming regularly. He says I’ve got to give pregabalin a try next. Yes, those old ladies did feel a bit like the mafia, I think if I had held them up much longer they might have all had a prod at me with their brollies.

Yep know that feeling well, hubby gets old people flying past him when out walking.Some moan and think they have more rights just because they are old lol.Some are really nice and actually try to help, think they feel sorry for him.XXX JULIE