Worried my 17 year old son has MS

Hi, I’m new here My son started with a persistent headache and dizzy spells in July. I took him to the Drs who said it was probably viral infection. I decided to take him to the opticians shortly after as I had a feeling that something was wrong. During the eye test it was discovered that my son was struggling to move his eyes to the left and right. He was then sent to A&E. At A&E he has various tests including a CT scan. He then went back for MRI scan which showed nerve damage in his brain and has since had another MRI scan of his brain and spine with contrast dye. We got the results this week from the Neurology clinic. The Dr said it could be a one off attack or it could be the start of MS. My son had a blood test and is waiting for a lumbar puncture appointment. I don’t know where to turn. He’s 17!!! He’s too young for this. What are the chances of it being a one off? His eye movement is now back to normal and he says he feels ok.