18 with ms?

Hello People,

I was given a likely dagnosis of ms but not defenite is this common in a 18 year old? (18 yesterday)

My symptoms correlate with ms and i have lesions on my brain.

could this be something else?

I think it’s all a little vague, I know I’ve had MS symptoms for at least 12 years now but I was only diagnosed 2 years ago - I never suspected there was anything seriously wrong until a couple of weeks before diagnosis

Sonia x

Hi Tyler,

It can strike at any age - young or old.

Peak age for diagnosis is early 30s, but no age group is immune - even children or OAPs.

If you are not yet formally diagnosed, then yes, it still might be something else. For example, some people have a single MS-like attack, but it does not go on to be repeated, so never meets the “multiple” part of multiple sclerosis.

They will not diagnose while there’s still room for doubt, so anything short of a confirmed diagnosis means they’re not yet satisfied all the pieces fit.



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Hi Anita

I was 15 when I was first diagnosed. It definitely goes under the heading of unusual be not unheard of. I have to admit that I wasn’t as scared as my parents were because I was very short sighted. Actually the symptom that triggered the diagnosis, a numb leg, got better after that. It may have been a psychosomatic thing about having an explanation was much better than the uncertainty.

I’m considerably older now (46) and I use a wheelchair but I still work full time and go to music festivals. Everybody’s story will be different but there is still life to be lived.



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