Anyone start later in life?

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I’m 46 years old and understand that this is quite a ripe old age to start with all this (if indeed it is MS, I’m waiting for more results). The websites I’ve looked at seem to say it usually starts in your 20s/30s. If I have got MS, but have been spared longer than others before it kicks in then I am truly thankful. I just wondered if anyone else out there started symptoms later in life? If so, what were your experiences? I read somewhere that it makes it more likely to progress quickly, and I’m worried that might be happening with me.

Hi Dave!

I’m 49 and I would say my symptoms have been aroud for at least the last 3 years. I’m also undiagnosed at the moment so I have no idea if I’m a ‘Late Bloomer’ too! xxjenxx

Hello DaveC.

MS is diffrent for many,you can have MS and milder symptoms and maybe have a few relapses and feel healthy and still go to work,drive a car and ride a bike,even play football.I have a friend just like this who works and does all the day to day normailty of life.I used to think I was getting the flu with the aches and pains but never actualy got the flu.Or feel tired after exersice or aches and tired due to a game of football.Hard to say if it was MS or just general aches and pains.

Looking back now and chatting to others and remembering things some times as I have very bad brain fuzzyness.It appears I had the first signs of MS at age 19.I was fit and healthy and a young mum,I got very bad headaches so painfull I would cry,fuzzy brain,slurred speach and complete numbness down the left side of my body,I though it was the pill so I stopped taking it.But symptoms persisted.Now age 45 I am so poorley but again this is not always the case in many MS suffers.The past three years have been hell for me.

There is such varied symptoms of MS and not all suffers get every symptom,some of us do.You could have MS and live a perfectly normal healthy life.


Hi Dave, I am 47 and was diagnosed in Dec 2011. I have had symptoms for about 5 years. Although MS generally starts in 20’s to 30’s, there are two main types of MS. RRMS and PPMS. PPMS quite often appears when someone is 40 plus. I have PPMS. Hth, Teresa xx

MS is a perverse disease and there are no ‘knowns’ with it. Each person’s experience with it is unique.

My experience for what it’s worth:

I had my first clinically recognised symptom (ON) at 50 but given a clear MRI was told not MS. Following increasing difficulties with walking and a MRI which showed lesions I was diagnosed with SPMS at 53. Hearing what other people with MS have to put up with I consider myself to be lucky. The main issue for me is mobility, my sight recovered fully and I’ve not had any other bouts of ON ( touch wood)

I know people who were diagnosed in their 60s.

There is no way of knowing what will happen with your MS, I sometimes think that this is one of the hardest things to come to terms with. Even progressive MS can plateau so anything is possible.

Good Luck!

Hi, I was 54! So you see it’s a myth that only young people get it (a myth that lots of GP’s also believe)… but saying that I have ppms which is generally, but not always, they type that older people get.

Don’t go worrying now that you have ppms… even if you do, doesn’t mean it will progress quickly. MS is so different for every single person.

I had mild symptoms for years which I completely ignored. Numb patches, pins and needles, fatigue, sometimes problems swallowing, more fatigue… oh and then more fatigue… Anyway kept pushing myself through it in a stressful job… then got shingles on my face and head and suddenly it was like my body said ENOUGH! Just couldn’t get my energy or strength back. Then got dx with ME and then a couple of years later with MS (after MRI and LP).

Don’t believe the stuff that you’ll progress more quickly if you’re older. Not true. It varies, and even with ppms you can go through periods of what seem like rapid progression and then it all slows down again, or even halts… it’s a case of getting to know your own MS.

Other people’s experiences can be helpful and certainly make you know you’re not alone, but there are no two people on these boards, or anywhere, with exactly the same experience of MS.

So welcome to the board and do come and ask more questions if you have them,

Pat x

Hi Dave. yes Im another late bloomer… Im 48, not actually diagnosed with MS so far, but was dx with Fibromyalgia 2 years plus ago. My new GP is wondering whether I had Fibro at all now tho. This ‘episdoe’ started with ON. Had it in the right eye for 13 weeks now, and the left eye for about 6 weeks. Lucky me eh. I thought it was all clearing up nicely since I was put on steroids a couple of weeks ago, and bam, today my eyesight is dreadful again. Feeling pretty poorly today to be honest. I see a Neurologist on 3rd July and have already had an MRI (was clear but app that just ruled out a brain tumour as was not done with contrast dye). Im looking forward to getting some answers sooner rather than later as can deal with whatever it is when I know what Im dealing with.

When the ON started so did the tremors, jerking arm, terrible back spasms, numb patches on my face and neck, and buzzing legs/feet, oh the list could go on and on really…

Good luck Dave and I hope you get some answers soon xx

hi everyone, I’m 45 and in limbo land had MRI of head which was normal, awaiting LP eyes can’t keep up with anything that is moving, I’m very unbalanced and walking getting worse, I have facial weakness on right side and dreadful tingling in my legs which wobble dreadfully. the worst is feeling like my body is not connected to me! neuro feels its ms but I’ve only been unwell sice march. just wanted to say hi, Martha your post struck a cord about trying to be brave, I hope you get answers soon. xx

Hi Dave I am 45 and I have just been diagnosed and put on a rollercoaster that I was afraid of riding as I had a feeling several years ago. This is my 2nd relapse on 5 month, but thanks to the Doctors support as well as my families I will ride the rollercoaster and be stronger for it, as I am sure you will. Good luck and stay strong. Mike

Hi Dave I am 45 and I have just been diagnosed and put on a rollercoaster that I was afraid of riding as I had a feeling several years ago. This is my 2nd relapse on 5 month, but thanks to the Doctors support as well as my families I will ride the rollercoaster and be stronger for it, as I am sure you will. Good luck and stay strong. Mike

I was 52 when I was dx with RRMS but I know I had mild symptoms for over 20 years before that. I am now 56 and although my MS is progressing some, I am still injecting Betaferon every other day. A friend of mine has only recently stopped injecting and she is 71 and still fairly active. Everyone’s MS is different. I have read that it’s better to be dx early but in my case it doesn’t seem to have worked that way.


Hi, I am 55 and was diagnosed with RRMS in February this year after MRIs showed lesions. I had trigeminal neuralgia in the right side of my face last July (it was around my 55th birthday) and was referred to a neurologist for tests for MS. I have had “weird stuff” happening to me for about 4 or 5 years such as attacks of vertigo, numbness and pins and needles in my right arm, dropping things, unbalanced and wobbling, blurred vision and pain at back of eye and other stuff. I have other conditions and I knew there was something wrong but never thought of MS. It was such a shock, but it does make sense of the things that happen. I have not accepted it yet. I have now been offered DMDs and have to decide which one to take. I don’t know what to do. After being referred to the first neurologist everything has happened quite quickly so hopefully this will be the same for and you will soon find out. Keep positive …easier said than done!!


Hi Dave, I’m 47 and was told in March I have RRMS so far I’ve had a numb hand for nearly a month and double vision for seven weeks. I read that it was more common in 20 / 30 yr olds so had a bit of a shock when I was told, as my aunt had it and she died aged 32 and her mum my grandmother had it too and died at a young age as well… As everyone says each person is different nobody’s MS is the same!! All the best Laine x

Hi Dave, I was dx at 50 just when they say life begins lol. Looking back I had symptoms 3yrs or so before I was dx. Good luck and let us all know how you get on with your results. Karen

Hi Dave,


I was diagnosed in November last year with RRMS, aged 41.

My symptoms began in the June.

I too, like you, am so grateful the disease didn’t reach me until this age, so sad for those just starting their adult life. I have read too, that the condition is worse if you are diagnosed older but not sure if there are ant stats to back this up.

The thing is, if you do have MS, is that it differs for every single person and I try not to dwell on what might or might not happen in the future.

I wish you well.


Hi Dave,

I am 65 and was dx with SPMS in 2011, apparently I’d had it for over 30 years without knowing. Had many, many stays in hoispital and glad I didn’t know that it was ms then or I would have worried about what was to come. Now I’m aware I don’t worry about the future as what will be will be. My symptoms started in the late 60’s and the medical knowledge was not as up to date as it is now. There are so many drugs to be had if needed and plenty of help.

By the way welcome to the forum.


I’m 64, in limbo! But an mri for partial simple seizures turned up “evidence of seizures”, and eeg “abnormal”, and Ihave a 2nd apt with neuro in Aug. Am now thinking leg numbness, fatigue, dizziness, tremors, migraines, blurry vision, fuzzy brain (used to have a good brain!) poor balance…may have been ms? If so, looks like I was lucky, as it’s just in the last 2 years that everything is happening at the same time. Thanks to all for posting your stories and best wishes from Canada!