Can MS lie undectected for30years?

Good Morning,
I would very much welcome your experiences. I am 74 years old and 3 weeks ago hada diagnosis of optic neuritis.I had this 30 years ago although this time it is worse.I had a brain scan 30 yearsagoand no issues although at the time no one mentioned MS. I have had no symtoms over the years but in the last few weeksam experiencing weakness in my right hand. I can balance very well. I am worrying myself sick .I go on holiday on Sunday to Italy and have a provisional appointment at the neuro eye clinic in June. What do you think?
Thank you for any response

Well, I hope it isn’t MS. But if it is MS, then you have the right sort!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound flippant. You have a real worry on your shoulders and I’m sorry for it. I hope that you can put it to the back of your mind enjoy a lovely holiday and find out more when you get home.

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I can imagine it’s hard to try to put this out of mind but you need to try and enjoy your holiday if you can… life is short, MS or not: sooner or later something will hit you and you need to make the most of things in the meantime.
74 would be late onset for MS (peak age is 20-50), but it’s not unheard of. Onset with optic neuritis is associated with a milder course of disease, on average. And you may well be eligible for treatment to try and kick any problems into the long grass.

First of all try not to worry too much about what might be, because it might not. Have a lovely holiday.
When I was diagnosed aged 49 I asked my neurologist if I could have this for a long time, and he said I could, depending on which areas of my brain had been affected symptoms might have been mild and not that noticeable