Too old for MS?

3 months ago started with numerous symptoms and been unable to work, however still waiting on a head MRI and an appointment with a neurologist, both were put through as routine but as symptoms have gotten worse now seems almost impossible to get seen any sooner. I did however have an urgent referral to the eye clinic after my optician showed concern due to a lot of eye pain and blurring in my left eye.
After a field test and photos of my eye the eye consultant told me not to worry I don’t have any optic nerve damage and that I’m too old to have MS and it’s only young people who get this?

I did tell her that I’ve had a lot of symptoms over the years but have never thought of it being MS and that I am due the MRI.

Left feeling relieved but a little rattled at her response.

Anyway until I have my MRI and a chat with the Neurologist who knows??? Just wanna know what has taken over my bloody body!!!

Hi i was told that my first MRI showed possible demylinating events but as i was born in 1951 the radiologist put it down to my AGE.

that was about 2006/7 and in 2016 was diagnosed with progressive MS. I am 70 in a few months. Also the optician told me i had no current optic nerve damage, but my VEPS 2 of them proved i had optic neuritis and demylination in the pathways between the brain and the optic nerve or whatever they call it.

No one is TOO OLD to have MS, as they could have been younger on onset. x


Hi, Wow, no one can be too old, what a hopeless consultant! I’m almost 69 and was only diagnosed 8 years ago at age 60, although I had symptoms for many years before that, which were all put down to spinal injury, but no - it’s PPMS (as well as the spinal injury). I hope it all goes well for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks that’s what I thought when I walked out of her office. I’m 50 and I have been having very strong symptoms for over 3 months now and have been prescribed pregabalin but only a low dose which is wearing off after about 4 hours. Looking back over the years I have had various episodes that I could say are the start of what could be MS but I’m not a dr?? The pain in my feet and bottom of my legs is sometimes unbearable, also lots of other symptoms but will just have to wait until I have my MRI and speak to the neurologist, just hope they are a bit more interested. Anyway sat in the lovey uk sunshine while I can :blush:

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Oh, this infuriates me! After an ER doctor felt I was showing classic MS symptoms, the neuro I went to told me that I was too old and couldn’t possibly have MS. He flat out refused to run any diagnostic tests. That was back in 2007. I also had an eye doctor tell me that there was nothing wrong with my eyes or glasses in spite of having blurred vision, double vision, extreme eye pain, and terrifying head rushes. I continued seeing doctors and getting tests but didn’t get a diagnosis until late in 2019. At that point, I was bad enough that my lovely new neuro told me that I’d have little chance of success with DMT’s.

Too many doctors are complete idiots. Don’t give up!


I agree. No one is too old for MS. I was diagnosed in October 2017 at the age of 66 with PPMS. I’d had mild symptoms for three or four years but not any more than that.


To make matters worse I have just chased up my neurologist referral that was sent beginning of April only to be told it was rejected??? Another urgent one was sent a few weeks ago as my symptoms had worsened, I’m gonna contact my go as they said a letter had been sent to them explaining why it was rejected, I’m hoping it’s due to not yet having my MRI done but just got an appointment for that in 2 weeks time. I’m running out of sick pay at work too so I’ll be back to work by then, I’ve been off almost 12 weeks but work have told me that I’ll be on lighter work when I return anyway. I’ll hopefully have answers soon enough. In the mean time I’ll just have to manage with the meds I’ve been prescribed.
Love this site, always reassures me that I’m not going mad :woozy_face:

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You’re not too old, I’m afraid! Although MS certainly tends to show up a fair bit sooner, so the consultant isn’t completely talking out of her hat.

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Hello Yelloweye70.

There is no such thing as ‘Too old for MS’.

When I was officially diagnosed with MS, aged 57, I was told “You’ve had it for thirty years”. My neuro had gone through my hospital records and found two episodes of OS and one of TN. My GP’s records showed repeated (years apart) episodes of vertigo, fatigue and more. I had, in fact, 20 years before diagnosis been offered a referral by my GP as he suspected MS; however, as I didn’t suspect MS I refused the referral… twice. (So, who knew best? …well not me, it seems.)

Eventually, after repeated tests, I was diagnosed with RRMS and PN. Suspected Meniere’s was ruled out some time ago. I’ve now pushing 70, am still mobile and lucky that it isn’t worse.

I’ve been a member of this forum for over 10 years now, and have learnt that my story is in no way unique. In fact, I’ve met another MSer who was diagnosed at 60 and also told they’d had it for thirty years.

I hope you get some answers soon, MS or otherwise.